Today, as usual, we look back at the past seven days and recap the first week of the new year.

Secure Matter codes easily and quickly

If you already have the first Matter devices in use, you should take a closer look at the app Controller for HomeKit.

Controller for HomeKit supports Matter codes

The latest version 6.1 can now save Matter codes as well as HomeKit codes. These can be scanned via the camera, entered manually or imported from the photo library.

New speaker remote control from IKEA

The second generation IKEA SYMFONISK remote control provides a new control option for Sonos speakers.

IKEA: New SYMFONISK remote controls Sonos speakers

Connected via the IKEA DIRIGERA Hub, music can be played and paused, skip to the next or previous track, adjust volume and start playlists. The remote control is available for 15,99€.

Now with Thread: Qingping Temp & RH Monitor T Version

You already know the company Qingping through our coverage and reviews of the Air Monitor Lite and the Temp & RH Monitor H-Version. We have the sensors privately in continuous use and are still very taken with the design and reliability.

We are all the more pleased that Qingping has now given the temperature and humidity sensor a hardware upgrade and offers a Thread version. You can find all details about the new Qingping Temp & RH with Thread in ourreview.

Smartmi announces new E1 HomeKit air purifier

The company Smartmi continues to be very active in terms of devices designed to improve the indoor environment. Now the manufacturer gives prospect of another air purifier model, the E1.

The device attracts attention with its decorative design. The primary filter can be easily replaced and should be available in different designs. In addition, it is also suitable for wall mounting. Here you can find more details.

VOCOlinc desk lamp with wireless charger

The HomeKit desk lamp from VOCOlinc has been available for quite some time, but you can now choose between a model with or without a QI charger.

VOCOlinc desk lamp with and without QI charger

VOCOlinc offers a 30€ discount on the model with wireless charger at launch, which brings the price down to 59€.

SwitchBot introduces Matter Hub

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from 05. opened its doors again until 08.01.2023. During this time, manufacturers present their latest innovations. Our long-time partner SwitchBot is also there with an exciting new product, the SwitchBot Hub 2.

The SwitchBot Hub 2 is a Wi-Fi-based Matter hub that integrates SwitchBot Bluetooth products via the new Smarthome standard. Once connected to the Hub 2, Bluetooth devices on Apple Home or other platforms can be controlled via Matter. Read our article to find out all the details about the exciting news.

New Matter devices from Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf was not idle either and presented some new devices at CES. Among other things, the manufacturer wants to offer a camera in the future that transmits the colors of the TV picture to the lighting.

New Matter devices: Nanoleaf announces 4D TV Smarter Kit, Skylight and Sense+

In addition, there will be modular ceiling lighting and the light can be controlled automatically based on the habits of the occupants.

GE Lighting announces new entertainment lighting

With Cync, GE Lighting wants to make more inroads into entertainment lighting in the future. To this end, the company presented numerous new lamps at CES.

The Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Hexagon Panels are not only reminiscent of the Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons in name, and the Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Neon-Shape Lights strongly resemble the Twinkly Flex.

As a retrofit solution: Eve Systems announces Eve MotionBlinds as an upgrade kit

If you do not want to do without the comfort of the intelligent blinds from Eve Systems and still continue to use your current blinds, the manufacturer will offer the appropriate upgrade kit in the future.

Eve MotionBlinds as an upgrade kit

In addition to the motor and the wall mount, the new product also includes adapters for different pipes.

Yeelight introduces Matter products

Yeelight also unveiled new products, information and company direction for the current year at CES 2023. The Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp is the first certified product in the Yeelight Fun portfolio with Matter support. This lamp contains three types of units: Spot, Matrix and Panel, which can be assembled like building blocks on the user’s desk.

Yeelight has several product portfolios for both the consumer market and professional smart lighting solutions. For all the CES news about Yeelight Home for everyday use, Yeelight Fun for entertainment and the Yeelight Pro range, check out our latest post.

New Matter TVs announced by Samsung

Samsung announced new TVs at CES that feature a SmartThings Zigbee & Matter Thread One chip module.

Samsung introduces new TVs with Zigbee, Thread and Matter

Although the current TVs also have AirPlay 2, HomeKit integration has been missing until now. With Matter, that is likely to change in the future.

New air quality sensor from IKEA announced

A new air quality sensor has appeared in IKEA’s app. The IKEA VINDSTYRKA is powered via USB-C and displays temperature, humidity and air quality.

Connected to the IKEA DIRIGERA Hub, the values should also appear in HomeKit. At the latest, however, as soon as the hub officially supports Matter. The device should be available from April for around 40€.

Aqara presents four new devices

Aqara used the CES to present already announced devices to the public. Among other things, there should be a HomeKit Secure Video doorbell for around $120 in the future, which can be used both wired and with batteries.

Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4

In addition, the company will offer a presence sensor that even detects heartbeats, a smart door lock for deadbolts and a multi-colored light strip.

App brings Ambilight to Samsung TVs

Philips Hue and Samsung have released an app for TVs from 2022. The app analyzes the colors of the TV picture and forwards them to up to ten Philips Hue lamps.

Philips Hue: Ambilight for Samsung TVs via app

This means that the Hue Sync Box, which costs around €250, can be dispensed with. However, the app is not cheap either at 129.99€.

Multicolor neon light strip from VOCOlinc

The VOCOlinc ColorFlux Neon Rope Lights NL2201 has been launched on Amazon. Multicolor neon light strip comes with a length of 3m.

VOCOlinc RGBIC Color Flux Neon Rope Lights

Thanks to IP67 protection class, the light strip can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The 10 holders allow for a wide variety of shapes.

New SmartThings Station unveiled as Matter Hub

Samsung has introduced an interesting hub with the SmartThings Station. The hub not only integrates the connected devices into the new smarthome standard Matter, but also serves as a wireless charging station for smartphones, headphones and more.

New SmartThings Station unveiled as Matter Hub

In addition, the surface of the hub can be used as a switch. Up to three routines can be activated. The SmartThings Station is scheduled to launch initially in the U.S. and Korea. There is no information about the market launch in Europe yet.

Govee announces Matter update for Lightstrip

The Govee Strip Light M1 is to receive a Matter update. The company made the announcement at CES in Las Vegas.

Govee announces Matter update for Lightstrip

The light strip comes with 60 LEDs per meter and a total length of two meters. It is not yet known exactly when the Matter update will be released.