The company Smartmi continues to be very active in terms of devices designed to improve the indoor environment. Last year, for example, the company announced its new P2 mobile battery-powered air purifier and funded it via Kickstarter. Now the manufacturer gives prospect of another air purifier model, the E1.

The device attracts attention with its decorative design. The primary filter can be easily replaced and should be available in different designs.

In addition, the air purifier can be used as a floor-mounted unit, as well as for wall mounting, and thus fits into the personal home design.

The air purifier has a triple filter and is said to reliably filter out dust, pollen, smoke and bacteria for rooms up to 18 sqm when in operation, with a volume of 48 dB. The device has the dimensions of 42 × 30 × 14 cm and a weight of about 3.1 kg.

The Smartmi E1 air purifier connects via Wi-Fi and can be operated with the Smartmi app and integrated into your HomeKit home. Google Home and Amazon Alexa are also offered. The new smarthome standard Matter is not supported. In addition, manual operation is possible on the device to switch through three fan speeds.

In the basic configuration, the device is delivered with a neutral, gray front panel. Design filters can then be purchased separately. We have not yet been able to find out when and at what price the new Smartmi E1 air purifier will be available. We will of course keep you up to date on this.