You already know the company Qingping through our coverage and reviews of the Air Monitor Lite and the Temp & RH Monitor H-Version. We have the sensors privately in continuous use and are still very taken with the design and reliability. We are all the more pleased that Qingping now gives the temperature and humidity sensor a hardware upgrade and offers a Thread version.

Even though the previous sensor with Bluetooth lasted us well for up to a year with the power supply. The new Thread version should last even longer. In addition, the connection ensures fast data transmission, so that the measured values of temperature and humidity are immediately available in your Apple home. With Thread devices, so-called border routers build the bridge into the home network. A border router can currently be a HomePod Mini or Apple TV from 2021.

Visually, nothing has changed on the new Qingping Temp & RH Monitor with Thread. The unobtrusive and slim design should visually fit in well everywhere. The 55 mm E-Ink display is excellently readable even at a distance. As before, the sensor can either be placed upright or easily mounted on the wall with a magnetic holder.

The reliable technology for measuring the indoor climate is also retained. The Qingping thermohygrometer continues to rely on a quality sensor from the Swiss company Sensirion for Thread.

In HomeKit, the values can be used as usual for viewing as well as for scenes and automations. The Qingping+ app is required to view a 30-day history of measured data or to keep the sensor up to date with an over-the-air (OTA) firmware update.

Eve HomeKit App (left) | Qingping+ App (right)

The new Qingping Temp & RH Monitor with Thread is now available at a price of 45.99 EUR.