The new room sensor for temperature and humidity from qingping comes with easy-to-read E-Ink display and Apple HomeKit integration. We took a closer look at the sensor.

However, the device is not quite new. The almost identical sensor from Xiaomi ClearGrass has been around for quite a while. Also with Bluetooth, but without HomeKit so far.

(left) qingping Model: CGG1H HomeKit Version – (right) Xiaomi ClearGrass without HomeKit

We were already very satisfied with the predecessor model without HomeKit. Although these models can also be unofficially integrated into HomeKit, it takes a bit of extra effort via a Homebridge plugin and a few necessary tweaks to the Raspberry’s Bluetooth interface.

With the new qingping H-version sensors, however, adding them to HomeKit is now as usual a breeze and done in just a few steps: Scan HomeKit code, assign room, done!

However, the possibility of easy HomeKit integration is also somewhat reflected in the price. The sensors from China without HomeKit are available for a purchase price of around EUR 15, while the new H-version sensors with HomeKit average around EUR 28.

Visually, the sensors have a simple design. Diameter 7.5 cm, height 1.5 cm and for power is included button cell type CR2430. Even though the round design might be a matter of taste, the display is easy to read thanks to the energy-saving E-Ink display.

The measured values of the sensors also give no reason for complaint. In direct comparison with other sensors, e.g. from Eve or Netatmo, they are almost identical.