Govee has today unveiled its latest TV light, the Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite (H6099). The Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite has been upgraded and optimized with new chip technology, color tuning capabilities, light strip quality and a sleeker design where possible, which should provide an improved yet more affordable entertainment experience for users.

The Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite will also be Matter-compatible via an over-the-air (OTA) firmware update in the first quarter of 2024. Smart control currently works with the Govee app, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. As the latest entry-level model in the TV Backlight range, the Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite can be an attractive and cost-effective choice for smarthome users to enhance their TV experience. The regular price is €89.99.

The Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite uses a new chip that offers a 20% increase in processing power over the previous generation, enabling more efficient processing of information and support for a wider range of algorithmic functions, according to the manufacturer. This improvement helps to adjust the lighting effects to the TV picture more precisely and quickly.

Thanks to the better chip and the updated algorithm, the Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite can now support new functions, including fish-eye correction for the picture. In addition, increased color matching accuracy by correcting the edge distortion of the screen, which expands the capture area and captures colors with increased accuracy. In addition, the camera can now also identify and ignore the upper and lower black bars on the screen and enables the precise extraction of colors from the edges of the scene. This function will officially be available to all users from the end of November this year via an OTA update.

The upgraded single camera with the gravity-based suspension design is easy to use and compatible with ultra-thin televisions. In addition to the hardware and the algorithm, the design of the Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite Strip has also been improved. The Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite uses RGBICW 4-in-1 LED. Compared to its predecessor, the new generation of LEDs also includes white LEDs for more accurate color rendering and finer color development. This upgrade allows the product to better customize the screen and improve visual effects.

As far as compatibility is concerned, no additional HDMI devices are required to operate the system. The TV picture is captured exclusively via the camera on the top of the TV. This also enables picture-light synchronization with copy-protected content, such as Disney+, Netflix, etc., where HDMI sync boxes from other manufacturers sometimes reach their limits.

Attaching the controller box and the camera to the TV, as well as the LED strip around the TV, is just as quick as the initial setup via the Govee Home app. With the help of calibration points, which are placed on the screen once at the beginning, it took us less than five minutes to set up.

The lighting effect can then be immediately synchronized with the video image. In addition, the Govee app offers further lighting effects independent of screen synchronization, so that the backlight can also be used as static ambient lighting or for lighting effects independent of the TV picture. The Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite connects via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

In addition, the Govee DreamView mode allows users to synchronize the lighting effects of the new TV backlight with other Govee smart lights in an entertainment system. This function supports synchronization with up to seven Govee sub-devices and can thus further enhance the experience of watching TV or movies.

With the integration via Matter through the firmware update in the new year, we mainly expect the function of switching the light on/off in HomeKit. For integration into scenes and automations, or by calling Siri, this is of course a very welcome extension.

The Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite for 55-65-inch televisions (3.6 meters, 30 RGBW LEDs/m) is now available from Amazon for €89.99. There is currently a 25% discount coupon that can be activated on the item. So you end up with a discounted price of €67.49. The larger version for 75-85-inch televisions will follow in the course of December for €109.99.


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