A new light strip has appeared on the Dutch IKEA website that can be used with the Dirigera hub and can also be controlled via HomeKit.

Our Dutch colleagues from iCulture have discovered a new light strip at IKEA. It is twice as long as what is typically offered by other manufacturers, spanning 4 meters in length, and it’s available for just €29.99.

Clearly Visible LEDs

However, the pictures suggest that only a few LEDs are used. The spacing appears to be quite large, making the individual LEDs visible even when the Lightstrip is mounted around a cabinet or under a bed.

IKEA ORMANÄS: Clearly visible LEDs

The IKEA ORMANÄS supports colors as well as shades of white, but it can only display a single color. In contrast, many light strips are now able to display color gradients.

Old Hub is not supported

Connected to the IKEA DIRIGERA Hub, the Lightstrip can also be controlled via Apple Home. However, the older TRÅDFRI hub is not supported. Alternatively, the separately available STYRBAR remote control can be purchased to control the Lightstrip.


The Lightstrip does not appear to be available outside the Netherlands. However, if you are interested in the new appliance, it might be worth keeping your eyes open the next time you visit an IKEA store. In the past, new products were sometimes offered in stores for a while before they appeared on the website.