This week, while somewhat quieter, brought some noteworthy updates that we can’t wait to share with you. But before we dive into the world of Apple Home, we wish you and your loved ones a joyful first Advent.

New AirPlay 2 Adapter by Eve Systems

Eve Systems unveiled the Eve Play Audiostreaming Adapter this week, retrofitting AirPlay 2 for conventional speakers.

The sleek design and high-quality Digital-Analog Converter from Texas Instruments come at a price: a proud €149.95. Comparable products from competitors are available at significantly lower prices.

EcoFlow Announces New Smart Home Display with Matter Support

EcoFlow introduced a 10-inch All-in-One Smart Home Display named ‘PowerInsight.’ Its primary focus is showcasing the company’s solar and home storage solutions.

However, the display is set to support the Matter smart home standard, allowing it to display and control devices from other manufacturers. For more information, check out this dedicated page.

IKEA Officially Announces New Sensors

IKEA officially introduced three new Home Smart Sensors: Parasoll (Contact Sensor), Vallhorn (Motion Detector), and Badring (Water Detector). These sensors can be integrated into Apple Home using the DIRIGERA Hub, which is still awaiting the Matter update.

New sensors from IKEA officially announced

Officially announced, the Door and Window Contact Sensor will cost only €9.99 and will be available from January 2024. The Vallhorn Motion Detector, suitable for outdoor use, will also launch in January. The Badring Water Detector is scheduled for April 2024, with an expected cost of under €15.

Mastering Batteries

Battery-powered devices offer placement flexibility, but battery replacement often raises questions. What type of batteries are required? How many are needed? Do I have other devices with the same battery type? Is it worth buying a large pack?

These questions and more are now answered by the new battery monitoring feature in HomeDevices 4.3. You can find the overview in your devices.