In this uneventful week, we would still like to share some news with you. In addition to a new device from Onvis and improvements to Aqara and Homey, we also have a new Sunday reading for you.

Onvis CS2: Mini Alarm System with Thread Announced

Onvis has recently received Thread certification for a new model of the Onvis Security Alarm Sensor. This versatile 4-in-1 sensor functions as a contact sensor, temperature and humidity sensor and has an alarm system with a 120 dB siren.

Onvis CS1: HomeKit burglar alarm viewed

Although the sensor uses Thread, it is probably not compatible with Matter. Instead, Onvis continues to rely on direct HomeKit certification, which enables seamless integration with Apple Home. The planned market launch of the CS2 is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024; the exact price is not yet known.

App Update: Aqara Synchronizes Rooms

Aqara has updated its own app to version 4.0.9 and integrated room synchronization. This allows users to seamlessly synchronize rooms between Apple Home and Aqara in both directions.

App update: Aqara synchronizes rooms

This should make it much easier to organize devices and keep rooms synchronized in the future.

Homey Update Integrates Historical Statistics

Owners of the Homey Pro Universal Hub or the Homey Bridge can look forward to the latest update of the Homey app to version 7.5.0. In this version, Athom, the company behind the Homey Hub, has integrated the “Insights” or history statistics into the app, which were previously only available via the web app.

Homey Pro: Our impressions of the universal hub

The Insights provide detailed historical data for various parameters such as temperature, brightness and battery level and allow the history to be displayed over different time periods. The update is available free of charge in the App Store and the Homey Pro Universal Hub still costs 399 euros, but offers a wide range of functions that we have discussed in detail in this article.

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