The week brought exciting news: IKEA unveils a new long lightstrip, SwitchBot releases the compact K10+ Mini Vacuum Robot, while iOS 17 has issues with inaccurate location data for HomeKit automations. The Twinkly Lightwall, an impressive LED screen, also makes its debut in the USA.

New IKEA Lightstrip Available

A light strip has appeared on the Dutch IKEA website that can be connected to the Dirigera hub and then also controlled via HomeKit. With an impressive length of 4 meters at an affordable price of €29.99, this light strip offers twice the length of other manufacturers.

However, the pictures suggest that despite the generous length, only a few LEDs are used, which can lead to visible individual LEDs. If you’re interested in the new Lightstrip, it’s worth keeping your eyes open the next time you visit an IKEA store. In the past, products were sometimes available on site earlier than in the online store.

SwitchBot K10+ Mini Vacuum Robot Available

The new SwitchBot K10+ mini robot hoover is now available. Measuring just 24.8 × 9.2 cm, it is the most compact robot vacuum of its kind. Despite its size, it offers a suction power of up to 2500 Pa and a 4-liter suction station that only needs to be emptied every 70 days. Intuitive control via the SwitchBot app enables precise room mapping, virtual no-go areas and cleaning schedules.

The K10+ also supports Siri, Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings and IFTTT, and a planned firmware update will make it compatible with the Matter standard. The robot vacuum is available in the SwitchBot online store or from Amazon for EUR 399. Simply activate the discount code on the product page at Amazon or enter the discount code “SMARTAPFEL20LOVEBOT” at SwitchBot.

Inaccurate Location Data: HomeKit Automations Not Executed

Complaints are increasing in Apple’s Support Community from users experiencing location-based automation issues under iOS 17. The problem appears to stem from inaccuracies in location detection, resulting in unreliable execution of location-dependent automations.

Inaccurate location data: HomeKit automations are not executed

A permanent solution has not been found. If you encounter issues, we recommend contacting Apple Support to bring the problem to Apple’s attention.

Twinkly Lightwall: LED Canvas for Creative Productions

Twinkly now offers the Lightwall in the USA, a 2.6 × 2.7-meter LED canvas priced at $1,199.99. Designed for live performers, musicians, and content creators, it features 1120 RGB LEDs for impressive visual effects at events. The Lightwall can be connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and customized with various effects and real-time synchronization to music through the Twinkly app.

While HomeKit support is missing, Windows users can mirror their screen. In Germany, the Lightwall will be available from January 25, 2024.

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