Eve Systems announced the Eve MotionBlinds upgrade kit at CES. This allows existing roller blinds to be upgraded with the smart HomeKit and Matter motor.

So far, Eve MotionBlinds can only be ordered ready-made from various blind manufacturers. Even if the choice of fabrics is huge, one or the other certainly already has roller blinds in use, which are intended to be further used in the future.

This is exactly what Eve Systems wants to offer an upgrade kit for in the future. Included, in addition to the motor and wall brackets, are also various adapters for a wide variety of pipes.

After the installation you get the usual range of features. The connection is made via Thread, the start and end position can be defined and the roller blind can be controlled via HomeKit and in the future even via Matter.

However, the upgrade kit will not be a bargain. It should be available via the manufacturer’s online store for 199.95€ from March 28.

Matter out of the box announced

The first Matter devices will also be available out of the box on March 28. These already come with pre-installed Matter firmware at the time of purchase, which saves the tedious migration. To start with, the Eve Door & Window, Eve Energy and Eve Motion will be available.