CES is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics trade shows. It is held annually in January in Las Vegas. Today, Yeelight also presents new products, information and company direction for the current year there.

We were able to report on the first new Yeelight prospects back in November. The Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp is the first certified product in the Yeelight Fun portfolio with Matter support. This lamp contains three types of units: Spot, Matrix and Panel, which can be assembled like building blocks on the user’s desk. The new lamp can already be tried out at CES. However, we could not find out when exactly the product of the Yeelight Fun series will be available for purchase. However, it is still targeted for the first quarter of this year.

Yeelight has several product portfolios for both the consumer market and professional smart lighting solutions. In the first area, Yeelight has developed Yeelight Home products for daily use and Yeelight Fun for entertainment. There is also the Yeelight Pro range, which is designed to meet the needs of professional intelligent lighting design and application for the whole house.

In the Yeelight Home segment, the company now even wants to launch an automatic curtain opener soon. Yeelight aims to integrate Matter into many new devices and lighting solutions in the near future.

As for Yeelight Pro, the entire portfolio will support Matter with a simple over-the-air (OTA) firmware update. And for CES, the company is launching its Smart Scene Panel and Magnetic Track Lights to the global market.

We have already reported about Yeelight lights many times in the past. Yeelight delivers good workmanship and reliable devices at an affordable price. Therefore, we are very excited about the announced products and novelties for this year. We will keep you updated.