Tomorrow, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas opens its doors again. From 5 to 8 January 2023, manufacturers will present their latest innovations. Our long-time partner SwitchBot will also be there with an exciting new product, the SwitchBot Hub 2.

Thanks to Matter support, SwitchBot products are said to work with Matter via Hub 2. The first product will be the SwitchBot Curtain.


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Hub 2 brings Bluetooth devices into Apple Home

The SwitchBot Hub 2 is a Wi-Fi-based Matter hub that integrates SwitchBot Bluetooth products via the new Smarthome standard. Once connected to the Hub 2, Bluetooth devices on Apple Home or other platforms can be controlled via Matter. In addition, the temperature and humidity can also be checked via Apple Home using the Hub 2’s thermo-hygrometer feature.

On the front, in addition to the LED display, there are also two scene buttons that can be used to trigger preset scenes in the SwitchBot app. The buttons can also be used to control other SwitchBot products, such as the SwitchBot Bot. The infrared control function has been strengthened in the Hub 2 and has a 100% greater range than its predecessor, the Hub Mini. However, these features are not available via Matter.

SwitchBot Curtain as the first device

SwitchBot Curtain will be the first to support Matter in late February when Hub 2 officially launches. The SwitchBot Curtain can be controlled via Matter with the Apple Home app during the CES demo (Booth 53635, Venetian Expo Hall A-D) and gives a good first impression. The SwitchBot Curtain will receive the necessary firmware update over-the-air (OTA) when final certification is expected in late February.

Other SwitchBot products will gradually support Matter later this year, as already seen in the video with SwitchBot Lock. Surprising for us, because until now door locks could not be integrated into HomeKit via a hub. With Matter, this now seems to be changing.

The new SwitchBot Hub 2 is said to be priced at around $69. Of course, we will keep you informed about the further development during the coming weeks, availability, and firmware updates.

Due to our long partnership with SwitchBot, we are finally happy to announce the Hub 2 with Matter. You can get all current SwitchBot devices with our community discount code “SMARTAPFEL25LOVEBOT”, with a promotional discount of 25%, directly in the SwitchBot online store.