Once again, IKEA announces a new air quality sensor. But unlike the already available IKEA VINDRIKTNING, the new model not only has a display, but is also said to pair with the IKEA DIRIGERA Hub.

A new air quality sensor has appeared in IKEA’s new Home smart app. The IKEA VINDSTYRKA is powered via USB-C and shows temperature, humidity and air quality on the display.

Connected to the IKEA DIRIGERA Hub, the sensor should also be able to pair with other devices. For example, the air purifier can be switched on automatically as soon as the air quality becomes too poor.

We assume that the values will also be displayed in HomeKit. However, at the latest when the IKEA DIRIGERA Hub officially supports Matter, the sensor should also appear in HomeKit.

The device should be available from April for around 40€. If you are interested in the IKEA STARKVIND air purifier, now is the right time to buy it. The device is currently available for 79€ instead of 149€.