If you have a Samsung TV from 2022 and are thinking about Ambilight, you can now do without the Hue Sync Box. An app forwards the TV picture to Philips Hue.

For a long time, Ambilight was exclusively reserved for Philips TVs. However, with the Hue Sync Box and the Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip, the feature can be retrofitted to all TVs for quite some time. The box synchronizes the colors of the TV picture with the Philips Hue lamps.

However, owners of Samsung TVs from 2022 with 60 or 120Hz can do without the approximately 250€ expensive box from now on. Instead, the Hue Sync TV app, which costs about half as much at 129.99€, can be installed on the TV.

This analyzes the TV picture and forwards the displayed colors to the Philips Hue lamps in real time. Unlike the Hue Sync Box, not only external sources but also apps installed on the TV can be used with Hue Sync. All common formats, including 8K, 4K and HDR 10+ are supported.

Up to 10 lamps can be connected to the TV, which can be freely placed in the room. The new app is available now.