This week there were many exciting announcements and novelties on the smarthome market, which we owe mainly to the IFA in Berlin.

Tapo P100M: New Matter plug launches

The Tapo P100M is another Plug that supports the new Matter smarthome standard via WiFi and can be integrated with Apple Home. Although advertised as compact, its 72 x 51 mm dimensions make it one of the larger Matter plugs on the market.

Tapo P100M: Another Matter-compatible Smart Plug Launches

In addition to Matter integration, it offers features such as schedules, “auto-off” and an absence mode, but does without consumption metering. With a price of 15.90€, it is positioned in the lower price segment and is available in the manufacturer’s own online store as well as on Amazon.

HAnds-On: Airversa AH1 Humelle Humidifier

This week we took a closer look at the Airversa AH1 Humelle HomeKit humidifier. With its stylish design and modern technology, it offers an efficient way to control indoor humidity. The humidifier has a 5.5 liter water tank that can operate for up to 60 hours and is easy to clean.

With a capacity of up to 330 ml per hour, it is suitable for rooms up to 45 square meters. The Airversa AH1 integrates seamlessly with Apple Home and offers several control options, including humidity adjustment. Thanks to the Thread connection technology, it also acts as a node for other Thread devices, improving the range. With our community discount code “SAPFELAH” the humidifier is available for the reduced price of 125,10 EUR.

Roku Expands Partnerships with RCA and CHiQ

Roku offers low-cost options for TVs with AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support. In addition to streaming sticks, Roku TVs are also available and will be offered in partnership by RCA and CHiQ in the future.

Roku Announces New Partnerships with RCA and CHiQ

The TVs come in sizes from 24″ to 65″ and offer AirPlay 2 integration as well as integration with Apple Home.

Zemismart Matter over Thread Curtain System: Easy Installation and Quiet Operation

The Zemismart Matter over Thread curtain system offers a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for electric curtains. With a length of 2.1 to 7.1 meters and easy installation, it convinced us, although for a long time we resisted such systems.

The operation is even quieter than other curtain robots thanks to the powerful side motor. Prices start at €146 ($158) for 2.1 meters with our community discount code “SMARTAPFEL”.

Eve Systems Introduces External Temperature Sensor for Eve Thermo

Eve Systems has introduced the external temperature sensor “Eve Thermo Control” at IFA, which will be available later this year. This sensor allows Eve Thermo to measure and control the room temperature more precisely.

Eve Systems introduces external temperature sensor for Eve Thermo

The device has an e-ink display that shows the current room temperature as well as the target temperature and humidity. In addition to the display, the device can be used to quickly change the temperature. From November 14, the Eve Thermo Control will be available for 79,95€.

Signify Announces Philips Hue Secure

Signify unveiled new products for its Philips Hue range at IFA, including cameras with 1080p resolution and night vision. The cameras are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and feature motion detection, intercom and a Security Center in the Philips Hue app. Some features require a paid subscription.

Philips Hue cameras

The introduced Philips Hue contact sensor enables automations and will also be integrated in the new Security Center. In addition, the Philips Hue Festavia light chain is again available in different sizes. In the fall, the Matter integration will be available to all users.

Eve Play Audio Adapter Brings Support for AirPlay 2

Eve Systems presented the Eve Play Audio Adapter at IFA, which allows existing amplifiers, powered speakers and soundbars to be used via AirPlay 2. The adapter offers several output options, including coaxial-digital, optical-digital, and RCA-analog, and allows for latency adjustments in multi-room setups.

The integration into the home network is done via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. From November 14, the Eve Play adapter will be available for €149.95.

SwitchBot Unveils Autonomous S10 Vacuum and Mopping Robot

SwitchBot has introduced the S10, an autonomous vacuuming and mopping robot with an innovative water station. The station is connected to the water supply and automatically fills the fresh water tank and empties the dirty water tank. The only thing that still needs to be done by a human is emptying the dust bin about every 70 days.

Introducing SwitchBot S10: Autonomous Vacuum and Mop Robot

Installation of the water station should be very simple and does not require the connection of electricity. If the device comes close to fulfilling the manufacturer’s promises, it really is a novel and innovative product that can make cleaning easier. The S10 will be available on Kickstarter starting Oct. 13 for $1,199.99.

Aqara Announces Smart Lock U200 and More Products

Aqara plans to offer the Smart Lock U200 for pre-order in Europe later this year. The lock is simply installed over an inserted key. There are two models with battery or rechargeable option. There is always a keypad in the scope of delivery, which could support Apple Home Key in the future.

Aqara announces Smart Lock U200 and other products

In addition to the smart lock, Aqara has unveiled other products including the tilt and swivel Camera E1, a wall socket with power consumption metering and a dimmer switch. The Dual Relay Module T2 allows control of multiple devices, and the Aqara Ceiling Light T1M provides a versatile lighting option with an additional LED ring.

tado° Brings Back Heat Pump Connector – Price Triples

After the Heat Pump Connector from tado° was only available for a short time, the device is now listed again on the manufacturer’s website. In addition to heat pumps from Vaillant, the device can also control heat pumps from Atlantic and Fujitsu. However, they have chosen not to support HomeKit.

tado° Balance Heat Pump

However, with the support of more heat pumps, the price has also tripled. Instead of the original 99,99€, tado° now charges 299,99€. In addition, they offer a new app feature called “tado° Balance Heat Pump” that allows the use of dynamic electricity rates to save money, for a fee of 49.99 euros per year or 5.99 euros per month.

Yeelight Pro P20 Rooflight: Artificial Skylight with HomeKit Support

Artificial daylight windows have been on our minds for a while. In rooms with little daylight, these lamps can be recessed into the ceiling and simulate daylight.

Yeelight announced the first device of its kind with HomeKit support at IFA. The manufacturer wants to offer the artificial daylight window under the name Yeelight Pro P20 Rooflight in the future. The only drawback with such lamps: the installation depth is quite large.