Signify has now officially unveiled a range of innovations, including cameras, a contact sensor, a revamped app with a security center, as well as expanded variants of the Festavia light string. Furthermore, the company aims to make Matter integration available to all users starting in autumn.

Philips Hue Secure Cameras

It was already known in advance that Signify also wants to offer cameras under the Philips Hue brand in the future, we reported. In the meantime, it is certain that there will also be a floodlight camera in addition to the wired and battery-powered camera in black and white.

Philips Hue floodlight camera

The cameras have a resolution of 1080p and a night vision function. An intercom function can be used via the integrated speaker and microphone.

Thanks to IP65 certification, the cameras are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For outdoor use, Signify also offers the matching camera mount with ground spike as well as a low-voltage power supply with outdoor cable.

When motion is detected, users can be notified immediately via the app and trigger sound and light alarms as needed. For this case, the cameras have an integrated siren.

There is also the possibility to start a direct call to authorities or a trusted contact. The new Security Center in the Philips Hue app can also be used to mark areas that should be hidden or where motion detection should not take effect.

Some Features Require Subscription

Activity zones, package, pet and person detection as well as storing recordings in the cloud are only possible via a paid subscription. The basic subscription for €3.99 per month or €39.99 per year per camera allows access to the recordings for 30 days. The Secure Plus subscription for €9.99 per month or €99.99 per year includes multiple cameras and access to recordings from the last 60 days.

The cameras should be available in black and white from fall 2023. At €199.99, the wired camera is the cheapest model, followed by the battery-powered camera at €249.99. The most expensive model is the floodlight camera at €349.99.

Philips Hue Secure Contact Sensor

The new Philips Hue contact sensor also finds a place in the new Security Center of the Philips Hue app. The device can inform the user when contact is broken and can be used for automations. Philips cites the automatic switching on of the lighting when entering the house or apartment as an example.

Philips Hue Secure Contact Sensor

The Philips Hue Secure contact sensor will also be available in the fall. A single sensor will be available at a price of €39.99, while the double pack will be offered for €69.99. Users can choose between black and white color variants.

Philips Hue Festavia in New Sizes

The Philips Hue Festavia light chain had been released by the manufacturer last year before Christmas in very limited quantities. Since then, however, the device has been out of stock.

Philips Hue Festavia

However, the Philips Hue Festavia is to be offered in other sizes before the end of September. Planned are a variant with 100 LEDs for 119,99€, a model with 250 LEDs for 219,99€ and a light chain with 500 LEDs for 539,99€.

Matter Integration for All Users Starting in Autumn

An upcoming software update for the Philips Hue Bridge, scheduled for fall 2023, is expected to make Matter integration available to all users. Until now, this function was only available to users with a developer account as part of a beta.