It’s no longer a secret: Philips Hue, the leading brand for smart lighting systems, has ambitious plans for the smarthome market. Recent information from a quarterly earnings announcement by parent company Signify suggests that a number of new products are in the wings, colleagues at HueBlog report.

Variety of surveillance cameras

Central to the new product portfolio is a complete security system that now includes surveillance cameras in addition to lighting solutions. Philips Hue plans to launch four different camera models, one of which will be equipped with a battery. Prices start at 199.95 euros. Here is a brief overview:

  • Hue Camera Wired (Black/White): 199,95 Euro
  • Hue Camera Wired Desktop (Black/White): €229.99
  • Hue Camera Battery (Black/White): 249,95 Euro
  • Hue Flood Light Camera (Black/White): €349.95

New contact sensor

Furthermore, the safety system is supplemented by a new contact sensor. The way it works is simple: as soon as a door or window is opened, the sensor detects the change and can switch on a light accordingly. The sensor will be available in black and white.

  • Hue Contact Sensor (Black/White): €39.95
  • Hue Contact Sensor Twin Pack (Black/White): €69.95

New on offer: 12 volt spotlights

Philips Hue is also expanding its light bulb range. For the first time, the company will offer MR16 spots with GU5.3 bases, which are particularly popular with cable systems.

  • Hue White Ambiance 12V MR16 Spot
  • Hue White Ambiance 12V MR16 Spot Twin Pack: €64.95
  • Hue White and Color Ambiance 12V MR16 Spot: €64.95
  • Hue White and Color Ambiance 12V MR16 Spot Twin Pack: €109.95

Hue Festavia light chain: Now even longer

In addition, the Hue Festavia light chain will return this fall with a longer version. However, prices will increase compared to the previous year.

  • Hue Festavia light chain 250 LEDs: 219,95 Euro
  • Hue Festavia light chain 500 LEDs: 359,95 Euro

There are rumors of a third, possibly shorter, version of the string of lights that will be exclusive to Philips Hue’s online store.

As soon as Signify officially introduces the products, we’ll let you know.