tado°, known for its heating and air conditioning controls, has introduced new hardware, the Heat Pump Connector. This can be connected to heat pumps from Vaillant and then control them.

With the tado° Heat Pump Connector it is possible to control a heat pump from anywhere via the tado° app. The Heat Pump Connector is connected to the home network via the supplied Internet bridge and connects to the heat pump controller. Currently, the device is only compatible with Vaillant heat pumps of the current generation, including arotherm, arotherm Plus, flexoTherm, flexoCompact, recoCompact and versoTherm. Incompatible is the model geoTherm.

The Heat Pump Connector retrieves the room and hot water temperature settings directly from the heat pump. When adjusting the settings via the tado° app, they are automatically synchronized with the heat pump. The existing controller of the heat pump remains connected and can be used for manual control. Changes made directly to the controller are also visible in the app.

Does not support voice assistants

But now we come to the most important point and thus probably the exclusion criterion for many: The device can currently only be controlled with the tado° app and cannot be integrated into any other Smarthome system. Thus, the Heat Pump Connector does not support Apple HomeKit. The device can be ordered exclusively from the manufacturer’s own online store for around 100€.