After Aqara has already released various door locks in the past, they have finally introduced an easily retrofittable solution for Europe. We met with the manufacturer and obtained interesting information not found in the press release.

There are already good door locks available for the European market, such as Nuki, Tedee, and SwitchBot, with which we have had positive experiences. However, we are excited that Aqara also plans to offer a solution in the future.

Similar to the competition, the Aqara Smart Lock U200 is easily attached using the inserted key and can rotate it to lock or unlock the door.

Two Models: With and Without Battery

There will be two models to choose from. The more affordable model is powered by AA batteries, while the slightly more expensive model comes with a rechargeable battery.

Regardless of the chosen variant, a keypad is included in the package. It can unlock the door through code input, fingerprint, or NFC cards.

Home Key is an Option

The most intriguing question for most customers is likely the support for Apple Homey Key. This feature allows unlocking by simply placing an iPhone or Apple Watch on the lock or keypad.

Aqara did not confirm Homey Key support, but they are working on it. This would be groundbreaking, as no other manufacturer in Europe has managed to offer a door lock or keypad with Homey Key.

Availability and Price

Later this year, Aqara plans to offer the door lock for pre-order via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Delivery is expected to start early next year. As for the price, they have only revealed that they aim for a more competitive price than the established competition.