We can no longer imagine a TV without AirPlay 2 to quickly stream a video, photos or music to the TV. Even though we personally rely on an Apple TV that doubles as a home hub for HomeKit, Roku’s devices can be a cost-effective alternative. The manufacturer has now announced further partnerships.

For quite some time now, Roku has been offering streaming sticks that allow for affordable retrofitting of smart TV features and AirPlay 2 onto a television. In addition, the devices can also be integrated into Apple Home and can then be switched on or off via Apple’s Smarthome platform.

If you want to have the functionality integrated directly into the TV, you can use a Roku TV. The manufacturer has entered into partnerships with well-known television manufacturers, including Sharp.

Two New Partners

Among the new partners is RCA. The company plans to launch five devices in September, in sizes ranging from 32″ to 65″.

CHiQ will then follow a month later with six Roku TV models. Here, the sizes already start at 24″ and also go up to 65″. CHiQ is a brand of CHANGHONG, one of the world’s largest television manufacturers headquartered in China.