We’ve already told you about the availability of the new Airversa AH1 Humelle humidifier recently. Now, of course, we are happy to share our hands-on experience with you.

Sure, with the current weather conditions, probably few people urgently need a room humidifier. But the next autumn/winter is guaranteed to come and with dry air with a RH 30% it will also be unpleasant for the nose and mucous membrane again. The optimum room humidity should be approximately between 40 – 60 %. Since I always struggle with a dry nose myself during this time, humidifiers have been my companions for years.

This is where the new Airversa AH1 Humelle HomeKit humidifier comes into play, which directly appealed to us with its chic design and the latest technology. The device has the dimensions of 230 × 230 × 265 mm and a large transparent 5.5 liter water tank, which serves for up to 60 hours of humidification. When the tank is empty, the device switches off automatically.

The cleaning process is simple. You can use a bottle brush that doesn’t scratch and a gentle dishwashing liquid or detergent is also fine. A kitchen towel can be inserted into the opening at the bottom. Shaking the empty, or more accurately slightly damp tank with the towel in it, I quickly got it dry and clear again.

The Airversa humidifier is suitable for room sizes up to about 45 square meters and humidifies the air at a rate of up to 330 ml per hour. The plastic casing is excellently manufactured all around. Power is supplied via the included 24V 1.5A power adapter.

The removable tank is filled from the bottom and placed on the base station. If you want, you can also put a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil in the designated insert in the base beforehand. Please never put it into the water of the base or directly into the tank, as this may attack the plastic and cause discoloration.

On the top are two outlets for the fine mist, which can be rotated separately in any direction 360 °. For example, you can moisten the neighboring plant or keep the mist away from the wall and furniture.

On the front of the Airversa AH1 are the touch-sensitive buttons to manually control the humidification intensity and to operate the RGB LED ring on the bottom.

In your Apple home, the Airversa humidifier is easily integrated in a few seconds via the scan of the home QR code and brings with it a range of control options and sensors. Set to the desired target humidity, the unit will automatically turn down when reached or turn back on when needed.

Check out our HomeDevices app. There you can also see all the functions of a HomeKit or Matter device before you buy it. This is also the case for the Airversa AH1 humidifier.

Conveniently, the Thread connection technology means there is one less Smarthome device on the Wi-Fi. In addition, the humidifier also automatically serves as a node (Full Thread Device), so the range of all Thread devices is improved. The Airversa humidifier can be placed even in the farthest corner of the apartment and is always perfectly accessible for control via HomeKit. A Thread Border router, like a HomePod or Apple TV 4K, should already be in use in your home. Otherwise, the device uses Bluetooth.

You get more setting options via the Sleekpoint app from the manufacturer, which is not mandatory, but can be handy. Especially important, the possibility to get a current firmware update for your device. An over-the-air (OTA) firmware update for Matter is also planned for the end of the year, so that the Airversa AH1 can then also be used via the other smarthome systems. If you are a lover of special light shows, there is no way around the Sleekpoint app.

Because only there you can select different animations for the LED ring. Only a monochrome color display is possible directly via HomeKit. In our case, the lighting is permanently set to a slightly pulsating light, which is synchronized in rhythm with the fogging intensity. If the light is only switched on and off or the brightness is changed via HomeKit, the last animation that was set via the device or the Sleekpoint app is retained.

However, via the Controller for HomeKit app, you have the option to create a HomeKit scene in which you have stored a light setting previously saved as a favorite in the Sleekpoint app. When you create a scene in the controller app, add the “Custom” item and adjust the number according to the order of your favorite from the Sleekpoint app. This way, you can subsequently use the HomeKit scene in automations also in the Home app or via Siri.

I don’t want to say I’m looking forward to the next dry air in the apartment, but I’m pretty happy to be able to use the fancy Airversa humidifier to counteract it when the need arises. And also the benefit as an aroma diffuser is certainly used more often when relaxing and cozy evenings.

You can get the new Airversa AH1 Humelle Humidifier for the reduced price of 125.10 EUR thanks to our community discount code “SAPFELAH”. Enter the code in the last step of the Amazon checkout process. There is currently a choice in the color of the transparent tank between “Crystal Clear” and “Pebble Grey”. Later, there will also be a bluish-tinted version.


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