You probably know AIRVERSA from our hands-on of the company’s Purelle air purifier. To date, this is the only air purifier with the new Thread connection technology. Now the company is coming forward with exciting news, about a fancy humidifier that is available for pre-order.

First, of course, AIRVERSA’s usual state of the art. The Humelle also supports the Thread connection standard. Thread ensures a stable and fast connection and guarantees extensive coverage thanks to mesh networking. So you can also place the Humelle anywhere in the apartment. By the way, an OTA firmware update to the Matter standard is planned for the end of the year.

The unit (230 × 230 × 265 mm) offers a generous 5.5-liter capacity and can operate for up to 60 hours at a time, according to the manufacturer. The device warns when the water level is too low and switches off automatically if the tank is empty. Control is via HomeKit, or the Sleekpoint app, which is already used to operate the AIRVERSA air purifier. Power is supplied via a separate power supply unit 24V 1.5A.

The AIRVERSA Humelle AH1 not only has the standard humidifier function, but also includes an integrated mood light. The colors and brightness of the light can be controlled either via the Sleekpoint app or directly via HomeKit. In addition, the device can be used as an aroma diffuser and used with any fragrance oils.

The color options “Transparent” and “Gray” are available at launch, and a blue variant will also be available later. The new humidifier will begin shipping on August 25, according to the manufacturer. Even before the official market launch, the device can be pre-ordered at an introductory price with free delivery in the online store. With the discount code “SAPFEL10” you get 10% off the regular price of 137,68 EUR, which reduces the price to 123,91 EUR.