A few days ago we could already announce you the launch of the new Airversa Purelle AP2 air purifier with Thread. Now the device is in use in our Apple ecosystem and we take a look at the details for you.

Plastic all around, the device nevertheless feels high-quality and, above all, impeccably manufactured. With dimensions of 22 × 22 × 34.5 cm, the air purifier is very compact in terms of design. According to the manufacturer, the Purelle is optimized for medium to large rooms. There, the air is cleaned at about 23 m² in 15 min, 46.5 m² in 30 min and 93 m² in 60 min. The scope of delivery includes the necessary power supply unit and two filter units, which are inserted into the device.

The 3-stage filter system consists of a pre-filter that removes lint, fibers, human and pet hair. The H13 True HEPA filter removes smoke particles, dust, pollen and the like. And the activated carbon filter removes unpleasant odors, among other things. The system captures 99.97% of harmful particles in the air down to 0.3 microns. Replacement filters are available at a price of about 25,- EUR. However, a first change should still be a long way off depending on the operating time and degree of use. The device informs about it in case of necessity. We found the noise development to be quiet to moderate during operation. The manufacturer specifies 28 dB in sleep mode and a maximum value of only 53 dB at the highest level.

If necessary, the Airversa Purelle can also be easily operated via the touch display on the top and responds promptly. From the corresponding status displays to the manual control of the 5-step fan speed, the operation is easy.

The LED ring on the side of the display serves as an indicator of the current air quality. This gives you an immediate overview without having to look directly at the display.

We never have to say much about HomeKit integration. Scan QR code with Apple Home app, assign room, done. In fact, almost matching the other current topic “Petition: Provide developers of HomeKit apps with all functions. “, however, we must also state directly here, the Eve for HomeKit app gives a more compact overview.

If you want to receive firmware updates for the device in the future, you will also have to use the app from the manufacturer Sleekpoint. Unfortunately, an account registration with e-mail address and password is mandatory. Otherwise, the app’s design is rather rudimentary. At most, it offers as a bonus the display of the graphical history of air quality, setting a switch-off timer, as well as schedules. However, we’ve handled many of these items directly through HomeKit automations. So if you want to do without the manufacturer app, you can.

In terms of using Thread, this is best viewed in the Eve app, also for verification purposes. Even though you have nothing to do with it functionally, since everything runs automatically, we naturally took a curious look at the data. Otherwise, the Thread stands out for its fast response time and mesh capability.

We are fond of the new Airversa Purelle air purifier. If you are an allergy sufferer, for the children’s room, a household with animals, with a workroom or even for general monitoring and cleaning of the air in the living space and are looking for a high-quality and modern device, you are in perfect hands here. At the current price, it doesn’t even have to stop at just one device for the whole apartment.

The regular price is 189.99 EUR. Currently, Amazon has the Airversa Purelle with a 6% discount coupon that is activated directly on the product page. Additionally, we add a 10% community discount code on top, so you only have to spend 159.59 EUR. Simply enter our promotional code “SAPFEL10” at checkout to receive the total 16% discount.