This week brought several developments: The SwitchBot S10 Cleaning Robot with Matter support launches on Kickstarter, TUO expands its offering with a Matter temperature sensor, Aqara introduces sleep monitoring for the FP2 presence sensor, and Zemismarts’ M1 Matter Hub is now available. In addition, Eve is offering a Halloween promotion for the Eve Flare table lamp and Eve Motion, and Ecobee has unveiled a new HomeKit doorbell.

SwitchBot S10: Innovative Cleaning Robot with Matter Support on Kickstarter

The SwitchBot S10, an autonomous vacuuming and mopping robot, is now available on Kickstarter. It is directly connected to water pipes, which eliminates the need to fill the fresh water and drain the dirty water. In addition, Matter support is promised as soon as the Smarthome standard supports this type of device.

SwitchBot S10: Innovative Cleaning Robot with Matter Launches on Kickstarter

The cleaning robot ensures effortless cleaning by supplying itself with water and emptying dirty water. The Kickstarter offer also includes a free cleaning station if you prefer to use tanks instead of connecting directly to the fresh and waste water lines.

TUO Temperature Sensor: New Matter-Compatible Sensor on the Rise

Although TUO is still comparatively young on the smarthome market, the company impresses with its rapid pace of development. Following the introduction of a switch and a contact sensor, both with Matter support, as well as a door lock with Apple Homey Key integration for the U.S. market, a new temperature sensor has now surfaced that is also Matter compatible.

TUO Temperature Sensor: New Matter-Compatible Sensor

The TUO temperature sensor uses Thread and integrates seamlessly with all popular smarthome platforms thanks to Matter support. The sensor has already successfully passed certification by the U.S. FCC and by Matter with the CSA, indicating a market launch in the near future.

Aqara FP2: New Firmware Update Introduces Sleep Monitoring

Aqara released a new firmware update for the FP2 presence sensor this week that introduces sleep monitoring. The sensor detects presence using mmWave and can be divided into up to thirty zones for precise control and automation.

"Aqara FP2: Presence sensor in test with multi-zone function".

The new sleep monitoring function is free of charge for now, but could become chargeable in the future. The update is currently available on the Chinese server, but is expected to be available in Europe and the US soon. At Amazon, the Aqara FP2 is currently available with a discount code.

Zemismart M1 Matter Hub Review

Zemismart’s M1 Hub recently received Matter certification, enabling smooth integration of Zigbee sensors into all major smarthome platforms. We took a closer look at the new device. Although the setup can be a bit tricky at first, the hub convinces with reliable control of the devices afterwards.

Zigbee devices from Tuya and Zemismart are supported, which are available at particularly low prices. Use the discount code “SMARTAPFEL” to get 10% off the new M1 Matter Hub at the Zemismart store.

Eve Flare: Stickers and Halloween Bundle

Eve is offering a Halloween promotion for the Eve Flare table lamp. When purchased through the Eve Online Store, you’ll receive a free Jack O’Flare sticker to give your lamp a Halloween-themed look. Additionally, you can pair the Eve Flare with the Eve Motion motion sensor for automatic activation. Both devices are wireless and suitable for outdoor use.

By buying the Eve Flare in a bundle, you can save €30 and pay only €119.90. Use our community discount code “SMARTAPFEL-10” to save an additional 10%, bringing the price down to €107.90. The Halloween bundle can be selected when adding to the cart.

New HomeKit Video Doorbell from Ecobee

Ecobee has introduced a new video doorbell compatible with HomeKit, although it doesn’t initially support HomeKit Secure Video. However, it can display camera footage directly on the manufacturer’s thermostats.

The Ecobee Video Doorbell offers a 180° field of view, 1080p recording with HDR and night vision, and is currently available in the United States for $159.99.