We have already reported on the new SwitchBot S10. The autonomous vacuum and mop robot is directly connected to the fresh and wastewater lines, requiring emptying of the suction station only about every two months. The device is expected to support the Matter smart home standard in the future and can be pre-ordered at a discounted price on Kickstarter now.

Admittedly, we were initially skeptical when we heard about the new vacuum and mop robot from SwitchBot that can be directly connected to the fresh and wastewater lines. It seemed too complicated and inflexible to us. However, we had to revise our opinion.

Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Room Or Without Water Connection

In contrast to many other vacuum and mop robots, the SwitchBot S10 can be directly connected to the fresh and wastewater lines. This allows the robot to self-fill and empty. Anyone who has used a mop robot with a cleaning station knows the annoying task of regularly emptying the dirty water.

SwitchBot S10 Cleaning Station

With the new robot from SwitchBot, this task is eliminated. The package includes two stations: a suction station where the robot empties the dust container and recharges the battery, and a compact supply and disposal station that requires no electrical connection and can be placed in the kitchen under the sink or dishwasher, in the bathroom under the sink or next to the toilet, or in the laundry room next to the washing machine. The necessary power for pumping out the dirty water comes directly from the vacuum and mop robot.

Additionally, SwitchBot offers a separate cleaning station with tanks, similar to those known from other manufacturers. If you are unsure about connecting the station directly to the water supply or feel you cannot handle the installation, you can also opt for the cleaning station as an alternative. All Kickstarter backers will receive the station for free.

Cleaning station

Smart Roller Mop Wrings Itself Out

Other vacuum robots with wiping cloths or round mop heads often lift them when encountering a carpet. However, SwitchBot’s method appears much smarter. The rotating roller mop is not only lifted but also wrung out while collecting the dirty water. This leaves the carpet actually dry.

Furthermore, the suction and charging station has a warm air blower that dries the roller mop after cleaning.

Moreover, the robot offers all the conveniences that a modern vacuum and mop robot provides. An anti-tangle rubber brush, LiDAR navigation, AI obstacle detection, 6500Pa suction power, targeted cleaning of individual rooms, and much more.

Robot Can Refill Humidifier

But that’s not the end of the story. With direct access to fresh and wastewater, SwitchBot has developed additional products. For example, the new humidifier can be added as an add-on via Kickstarter.

Conventional humidifiers require regular refilling with fresh water. However, with SwitchBot, this task is taken over by the vacuum and mop robot. It first fills its own fresh water tank and then goes to the humidifier to supply it with fresh water.


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By the end of 2024, there should also be a dehumidifier that automatically drains the collected water.

Matter Update Announced

Once the smart home standard Matter supports vacuum and mop robots, the SwitchBot S10 will receive a corresponding firmware update. SwitchBot has already gained experience with Matter and has equipped devices with the smart home standard in the past.

Significantly Reduced At Launch

As is customary on Kickstarter, the SwitchBot S10 is available at a significant discount. Instead of the suggested retail price of $1,199.99, it is currently available for only $799. As mentioned earlier, this includes the otherwise optional station with an external fresh and wastewater tank, in case you do not have direct access to fresh and wastewater.