A few weeks ago, the Zemismart M1 Hub successfully completed the Matter certification process. Now it is available for purchase and use. This device integrates with the home network via Ethernet connection and then allows seamless connection with Zigbee sensors, including the ever-growing selection of Tuya-compatible devices.

Although the M1 Hub will work with any Thread-enabled device, the Zigbee Hub portion will only work with Zemismart and Tuya Zigbee devices and sensors. However, there is no shortage of choice on the market. You can use the “Powererd by tuya” logo as a guide.

The M1 Hub itself is powered via a USB-C port and connects to your home network via an RJ45/Ethernet port, as is the case with the company’s first HomeKit-compatible hub, the ZMHK01. According to Zemismart, the hub itself is Matter-compatible but cannot act as a Matter controller. So you still need a Matter controller for the platform of your choice (HomePod/Mini, Apple TV, etc.).

Due to Matter support, the networked devices subsequently become usable in various other smarthome systems, including Apple Home, of course. Similarly, the M1 Hub acts as a Thread Border Router for the company’s Thread devices. These include, for example, the recently released Matter-over-Thread curtain motor system. More devices from Zemismart will surely follow.

The initial setup can be a bit counterintuitive with Zemismart, unfortunately. But then consoles with a reliable connection and fast response times. In our case, the Zemismart M1 Hub first had to be added to the Matter network via the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app and then enabled for HomeKit.

Even though we are happy to do without an additional app, using the Tuya app makes it easier to add sub-devices. In other words, sensors and devices that are taught to the M1 Hub. This works quickly and the sensors are then available in the Home app after a few seconds without delay.

If you want to access a wide range of Tuya Zigbee sensors and devices that can now be integrated into HomeKit via Matter with the Zemismart M1 Hub, the hub is certainly a reliable choice. Price-wise, both Tuya and Zemismart sensors are very attractive compared to the competition. You can get the new Zemismart M1 Matter Hub at the Zemismart Shop for $49.99. If you use the discount code “SMARTAPFEL”, 10% will be deducted from your cart on all items at checkout.