There was some exciting news again this week. From the new Matter TUO Smart Button, to an innovative switch series from Aqara, to changes for Philips Ambilight TVs. Not to forget, the first Matter over Thread device from Aqara, the Matter support for the SwitchBot Lock and finally the Matter IR remote control from Nature and the universal Matter Hub Homey Pro.

New Matter devices from TUO

Right at the beginning of this week we could draw your attention to the new TUO Smart Button. The wireless switch can also be integrated into Apple Home thanks to Matter and is available now on the manufacturer’s website.

TUO Smart Lock

Furthermore, TUO offers a contact sensor that also supports Matter and should be available later this month. Starting in September, TUO will also offer a door lock that will support Apple Home Key. The lock is primarily designed for the American market.

Aqara introduces innovative V1 switch series

Aqara expands its range with the new V1 switch series, which stands out for its innovative functionality. The series initially includes conventional wall switches with slim, central displays that can show various functions. In addition, the switches are equipped with four separate switches that can control either directly connected consumers or devices linked via the Aqara app or scenes stored in HomeKit.

"Aqara presents innovative V1 switch series with integrated mmWave detection"

A special feature of the V1 switches is the integrated mmWave presence detection. This technology makes it possible to activate the display when someone approaches and turn it off again when there is no one around. Unfortunately, the switches are only available in China for the time being.

Philips drops Hue sync on new Ambilight TVs

Philips Ambilight TVs from 2023 now require additional hardware to sync with Philips Hue lighting. While direct synchronization between Ambilight TVs and Philips Hue lighting was previously possible, this no longer applies to the 2023 models.

Current Philips Ambilight TVs no longer support Hue

Now, as with other TV manufacturers, the Philips Hue Play HDMI sync box is required. Samsung is an exception, where users can do without additional hardware and use a paid app instead.

Aqara’s first Matter over Thread device now available

Aqara has launched its first Matter over Thread device, the P2 door and window sensor. While this is already compatible with Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings thanks to Matter, the Aqara ecosystem will be supported later. Powered by a CR123A battery, the P2 uses the low-power and stable Thread instead of Wi-Fi or Zigbee.

Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2

Future firmware updates can be installed directly through Matter, and integration with Aqara’s own ecosystem will soon be enabled through the Aqara M3 Hub. The sensor is already available for 32.99€ on Amazon, with discount codes available on the product page lowering the price to 26.39€.

SwitchBot Lock now supports Matter

The SwitchBot Lock smart door lock is now compatible with Matter and can be integrated into HomeKit via the SwitchBot Hub 2. Similar to Nuki or Tedee Go, the Lock is simply mounted over an inserted key and allows the door to be opened and locked.

"Switchbot makes Lock compatible with firmware update for Matter and Apple HomeKit"

In addition to the lock, SwitchBot offers a premium keypad that can unlock the door lock via a code, NFC or fingerprint. A SOS fingerprint function sends notifications in case of emergency. The SwitchBot Hub 2, Lock and Keypad are available on Amazon and the manufacturer’s own onlineshop. You can save extra with our community discount code “30SMARTAPFEL”.

Nature Remo Nano: First Matter IR remote control

The Japanese company Nature surprises with the Matter IR blaster Remo Nano. As a previously unknown brand in our latitudes, Nature positions itself with this small and inexpensive device that can control up to three devices via Matter. The Remo Nano is used as a bridge for infrared devices such as air conditioners or lighting systems.

Nature Remo Nano: IR remote control supports Matter

Currently, the Remo Nano is only available on Amazon Japan for around 26 Euros. We will inform you if the device is also available here.

Midea announces dishwasher with Matter support

Midea is expanding its range of smarthome devices with Matter support and has unveiled a smart dishwasher. Having already unveiled an air conditioner and air purifier that use the new Smarthome standard, the company now plans to launch a dishwasher with Matter compatibility.

Midea: Dishwasher with Matter announced

Details about the Matter features of the new dishwasher and its integration with Apple Home are not yet known. However, Matter is expected to support home appliances in one of the next versions.

Homey Pro: Universal Matter Hub launches

With the Homey Pro, the Dutch company Homey will offer a universal Matter Hub later this month. Equipped with Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Infrared, 433 MHz and Thread, numerous devices can be connected.

Homey Pro

Homey Pro can currently still be pre-ordered for 399€. Delivery is expected to begin in one to two weeks. After that, the device is supposed to cost 499€.