The Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2 is the manufacturer’s first Matter over Thread device. While Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings are already supported thanks to Matter, the sensor cannot initially be integrated into the Aqara ecosystem itself.

Unlike Aqara’s previous devices, the new P2 does not rely on Wi-Fi or Zigbee. Instead, the door and window sensor communicates via Thread, a protocol that is power-saving, has a long range and is particularly stable.

Thanks to the support of the new smarthome standard Matter, the sensor can be used in numerous smarthome ecosystems, from Apple Home to Google Home and Alexa to SmartThings.

After integration, the current status is available in the various smarthome systems, which can be either open or closed. You can already see how the Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2 is displayed in Apple Home and what triggers and conditions are available in automations in HomeDevices.

A CR123A battery provides the power supply. While this can be easily ordered online, it is not available in most supermarkets.

Aqara Home app will be supported later

Currently, the sensor can only be integrated into the systems supported by the new Smarthome standard via Matter. According to the manufacturer, a Matter Aqara Thread Border Router is required so that the P2 can also be integrated into the Aqara ecosystem. This should soon be available with the Aqara M3 Hub.

Firmware updates can still be installed directly via Matter. Apple has already integrated a corresponding feature into Apple Home and has been offering updates for its own and Matter devices there for quite some time.

The new Aqara door and window sensor is available now on Amazon. With the discount code “DWSP2UKEU” for Europe or “USDWP2CA” for the United States and Canada you currently save 15%.