New products from WiZ, Signify and SwitchBot as well as experiences with the Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 and the use of Vaseline in the Smartmi Rainforest are the focus of our weekly roundup. There’s also news from Tedee and Philips Hue, as well as more Matter Certifications for smarthome devices.

WiZ plans colored filament lamps with motion detection

WiZ, a subsidiary of Signify, will soon launch three new filament lamps capable of displaying over 16 million colors and detecting motion.

WiZ Filament lamps integrate seamlessly with Apple Home thanks to their compatibility with Matter and connect directly to the home network via Wi-Fi.

SwitchBot releases mobile temperature and humidity monitor

SwitchBot has introduced a new sensor for temperature and humidity that can be used in mobile applications. The Bluetooth 4.2 sensor has a range of up to 120 meters and can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its IP65 protection class.

Later this year, the sensor should also be able to be integrated into Apple Home via the Hub 2 thanks to Matter. The new sensor can be purchased individually or as a pack of three. Use the codeSmartApfel” to save an additional 10%.

Our experience with Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4

This week we shared our experience after six weeks with the Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4. HomeKit doorbell is a simple and reliable smarthome doorbell. With the ability to use AA batteries and HomeKit Secure Video, it is a cost-effective and straightforward choice for users looking for a reliable video doorbell.

Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4: What the innovative video doorbell can do

The maximum resolution of 1080p in 16:9 format and the short range to the door chime are small weaknesses, but they are compensated by the reliable accessibility and quick notification via HomeKit. You can get the bell at Amazon, among other places.

Tedee with guest access without account constraint

Tedee offers a new feature that allows guests to access a door lock without a user account or registration. An individual link can be created for this purpose, which can be sent via e-mail or Messenger, for example.

In the future, the Tedee Go will be available as a low-cost model that can simply be plugged onto an existing lock with a key and does not require a cylinder replacement.

New Onvis Smart Plug S4 with Thread and Matter is available for pre-order

Onvis expands its range with the new Smart Plug S4, which thanks to Matter can also be integrated into Apple Home via Thread. The compact adapter plug allows switching of loads up to 4000 watts.

The Onvis app offers additional functions such as timers and schedules, but no consumption measurement. On pre-sale, the Smart Plug S4 is available as a two-pack at a 40% discount and is scheduled to ship in June.

Evvr expands HomeKit range with Relay and Smart Plug

Evvr expands its HomeKit range with a relay and an unusual smart plug. The Evvr Relay can be placed between the load and the power connection and allows real-time measurement of energy consumption via the Evvr app. The Evvr Smart Plug consists of an Evvr Relay with plug and socket and is suitable for limited space.

The new devices are currently not yet available, but are already listed on the manufacturer’s website. Evvr also plans to offer Matter and Z-Wave variants in the future.

Matter certifications for more smarthome devices

In the last 14 days, a number of smarthome devices have received Matter, including the Yeelight Pro gateway and lighting devices such as the Govee Gaming Light and the Govee Neon Light.

Matter Certifications: Govee, Tuya, Yeelight and more

Tuya had a filament lamp and light strip certified. This means that the devices can also be integrated into Apple Home in the future.

Vaseline in smarthome: restore raindrop effect on Smartmi Rainforest

If you have the Smartmi Rainforest HomeKit humidifier in use, you will surely have noticed that the raindrop effect diminishes over time, we reported.

Vaseline in the Smarthome: Restore raindrop effect in Smartmi Rainforest

After numerous tests, we can now present you with a solution that is certainly unusual, but very effective. Just spread some petroleum jelly on the inside of the window and the soothing effect is restored. By the way, we received this recommendation directly from Smartmi support.

Philips Hue: Aurelle lamp in black and new Surimu shapes

Philips Hue expands its range with new products. The Aurelle lamps will also be available in black in the future, while the Surimu lamps will soon be available in round and square shapes.

As usual, the Aurelle can only reproduce white tones and can be connected via Bluetooth or Zigbee, while the Surimu can also display colors and is continuously adjustable from 2000 to 6500 Kelvin. The new products are scheduled for market launch in summer 2023.