Onvis continues to go full throttle, successively converting its range to Thread and even Matter, and also releasing new HomeKit devices with the wireless standard, we reported.

Thus, the new Onvis adapter plug, Smart Plug S4 is now available. This connects via Thread and talks to your Apple home through the Matter. The Thread wireless standard responds faster and more reliably than Bluetooth, is more power-efficient than Wi-Fi at the same time, and also sets up a mesh network.

At the compact plug (63 × 61 × 82.5 mm) consumers up to max. 4000 watts can be operated. On the side there is a switch with status LED for manually switching the power supply on and off.

As with HomeKit, the initial setup of Matter is no different. Scan the QR code in the Home app, add the device to the desired room, and you’re done. In HomeKit, the adapter plug is available for switching on and off and can be integrated into scenes and automations.

The Onvis app is not mandatory for using the Smart Plug, but it offers functions such as schedules and timers via the app. However, we personally prefer to use HomeKit for this. Unfortunately, energy monitoring is not available for the S4.

The Onvis Smart Plug S4EU is available as a double pack in the pre-sale with a 40% discount and free shipping at a special price of €27.99. The 4-pack is available for €48.99. According to Onvis, the shipment will take place in June. In addition, a US variant of the S4 intermediate connector will also be available later. You can apply our SmartApfel Community discount code “SMAPFL-10%” to the other products in the Onvis online store. The smart plug is expected to be available via Amazon at the regular price from July.