Having already reported on a new contact sensor, motion detector and a wireless switch with Thread from Onvis, new smart plugs for the U.S. and European markets have also surfaced.

Onvis is going full throttle right now, converting existing devices to Thread and also releasing new HomeKit devices with the new wireless standard. Although the wireless switch HS2 and motion detector SMS2 are not yet available, the next devices have already appeared on the manufacturer’s new website.

In the future, smart plugs for the American and European markets will also not be without the benefits of Thread. The wireless standard responds faster and more reliably than Bluetooth, is power-saving at the same time, and also sets up a mesh network.

The new Onvis EU Plug S4EU supports loads with a maximum of 3680W at 230V with a size of 63 x 61 x 82.5 mm. The Onvis US Plug S4US may be loaded with a maximum of 1650W at 110V and measures 65 x 39 x 49.3 mm.

Information about prices and market launch are not yet known.