We have already reported that Onvis wants to release a new motion sensor with Thread. Meanwhile, the manufacturer has told our friends at HomeKitNews that the new model will be released in March.

The new Onvis SMS2 motion detector will hardly change visually. Only the logo on the front will be slightly smaller at the request of many customers.

In the future, the connection will be either via Bluetooth or via Thread. In addition to the motion sensor, a temperature and humidity sensor is also installed. These sensors can also be used via HomeKit.


Furthermore, a brightness sensor is integrated, but it can only distinguish between light and dark. Automations can be triggered either always or only in light or dark.

The new model should be available in Europe and the U.S. from March or early April at the latest. The price will be comparable to the predecessor, i.e. around $26.00.

The first Thread device from Onvis is already available with the CT3 contact sensor. The device is currently on offer in a double pack.