The launch of the Thread contact sensor, the Onvis CT3, is actually to be followed by a new switch, we reported. However, two more new devices have now appeared on the manufacturer’s website, which are the successors of existing models.

Onvis Motion Sensor SMS2

The Onvis Motion Sensor SMS1 is also in use at our home. However, the response time is not very good. The successor that has now appeared, the Onvis Motion Sensor SMS2, is intended to remedy this situation.

With the motion sensor, the sensitivity can be adjusted and the brightness can be taken into account. Furthermore, the device measures the temperature and humidity.

Onvis Motion Sensor SMS2

While its predecessor relies on Bluetooth 5.0, the Onvis Motion Sensor SMS2 can also be connected via Thread. The new wireless standard is supposed to provide faster response times and a longer battery life.

By the way, the now surfaced manual only talks about Apple Home. The new smarthome standard Matter is not mentioned. There is no information about the release date and the recommended retail price yet. The predecessor regularly costs 34.99€, but is currently available for 24.99€.

Onvis Security Alarm Contact Sensor CS2

The Onvis Security Alarm Contact Sensor CS2 is also a successor. However, almost no information is available here yet, except that a new Thread model is apparently planned.

The currently available Onvis Security Alarm Contact Sensor CS1 integrates an alarm system into HomeKit in addition to the contact sensor. In addition, a small siren is integrated into the device, which can be switched on automatically when the window or door is opened. The manufacturer has also integrated a temperature and humidity sensor.

Onvis Security Alarm Contact Sensor CS1

It can be assumed that the new model will also offer all these features. However, it is still unclear whether the device will change visually.

Onvis and Matter

As mentioned earlier, the devices that have now surfaced support Apple Home, but apparently not Matter. This fits with the statement that the manufacturer made to us:

We will make Matter products additionally, most likely for smart plugs, not current Thread products. And we plan to join CSA next half of the year.

Overall, it can be stated that Onvis is working hard to migrate its own products to the new wireless standard Thread. The CT3 contact sensor is already available with Thread, a wireless switch with five buttons is to follow soon, and the existing devices should also receive corresponding successors in the foreseeable future.