The HomeKit door lock Tedee offers its users a new feature that now allows guests access via a custom configured link. Thus, the Polish manufacturer Tedee has developed another function that makes the operation of the lock even more flexible and convenient.

Via the online portal, users can now create an individual link that they can send to their guests via e-mail or Messenger, for example. This link allows the guest to open the door lock without having to register in the Tedee app or create a user account. Access is therefore quick and uncomplicated.

Tedee allows access without account via link

To generate a link, the selected lock must be added to an organization’s portal. Subsequently, accesses can be configured in the “Links” organization area. It is possible to specify the period during which access is valid and whether the guest should only be granted access on certain days or at specified times.

Tedee lock is already distinguished by its numerous functions. The lock can be controlled via the Internet and offers two-factor authentication, which increases security. It is compatible with Apple HomeKit and can thus be connected to other smarthome devices. Voice control via Siri is also possible.

With ever new features and high compatibility with other smarthome devices, Tedee remains one of the leaders in the market and has long ago replaced our Nuki. The manufacturer wants to offer a cheaper model with the Tedee Go soon.