Update 03/10/2023: Meanwhile, we have used the second device. Currently, we can only give a limited purchase recommendation. The effect of the raindrops, advertised by Smartmi, has also disappeared with the second device after only one week of use. Despite the exclusive use of filtered water and the use of natural citric acid for cleaning, as recommended by Smartmi. The water now simply flows down the transparent wall. This certainly does not diminish the function of the humidifier, but it simply no longer looks as nice and as advertised by Smartmi. However, if you can live without this effect, you get a pleasant design and good HomeKit functions with the Smartmi Rainforest.

Original post 10/25/2022: Back in September, we were able to tell you about a new HomeKit humidifier from Smartmi. Now the chic and unusual Smartmi Rainforest, as it is aptly named, is already showing up at some European sellers. We also received our test device and give you our first impression in a hands-on.

The technical

The device has the dimension of Φ220 × 422 mm, has a 3 liter water tank, which serves for 15 hours, 200 ml/h mist-free humidification performance. The noise level is ≤50dB(A). On the top is a waterproof LCD display that provides information about the current ambient humidity and, through a ring indicator, the water level. The humidifier can also be filled directly with fresh water via this display. Inside there is a washable polymer filter. The Smartmi Rainforest humidifier connects to the smart home via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. The manufacturer specifies the nominal power with 7 watts. We measured 5 watts on the highest setting and 2 watts in sleep mode.

The concept

We were excited by the design of the new Smartmi Rainforest humidifier in advance at the first pictures. Finally, a humidifier that isn’t just a square box or looks like a medical device. The chic and unusual design has also been confirmed in our own four walls. In addition, the workmanship of the device is, as usual from Smartmi, high-quality and flawless.

In short, the Smartmi Rainforest bears its name rightly. Inside, a small plastic plate rotates at the top, throwing the water pumped up from the tank in the form of drops against the housing wall.

At the same time, the fan ensures that the air – water mixture is transferred to the room air for mist-free humidification. Additionally, it creates a particularly nice effect that some users will surely appreciate when falling asleep. When the device is active in night mode, a pleasant white noise is produced and the drops sound like soft, gentle rain splashing. Even during the day, the drop game is absolutely meditative for the little time out in between, as we find.

The Smartmi Rainforest is quickly added to the smart home via the Wi-Fi and the Smartmi Link app. Among other things, the humidifier can be set to the desired target humidity, the display brightness can be adjusted or the manual mode can be selected. The menu item for self-cleaning is also placed there. Smartmi recommends using the unit with filtered water to reduce limescale buildup. However, we save ourselves the trouble and prefer to occasionally start the cleaning process with some citric acid in the tank, which is also indicated by the app.

Of course, the Smartmi humidifier can also be added to your Apple Home in just a few seconds, as usual. Even though the device works perfectly in automatic mode, you thus have the option to set everything according to your personal preferences via Siri and HomeKit automations. We also like to use the Eve for HomeKit app here, as it displays many functions at a glance.

Apple Home App (left) | Eve App (right)

After our initial experience, our enthusiasm for the Smartmi Rainforest has been further confirmed. Both in its function as a smart HomeKit humidifier and at the same time as a beautiful design object with the relaxation factor.

The Smartmi Rainforest humidifier cannot yet be found in the relevant German online stores. We assume a sales price between 179,- to 200,- EUR. Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the sales launch can be expected in this country. We will of course give you a notification as soon as this is done. By the way, we got our device from the store of Fotoakadeemia from Estonia. We can highly recommend the extremely friendly contact there. The device was with us within three days. So, if you are impatient like us and don’t want to wait for the local launch, you can refer to our review and contact our contact person Annely directly via email.


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