Evvr now has two more HomeKit devices in its lineup after the two-piece relay switch. Besides an unusual smart plug, there should also be a relay.

With the new Evvr Relay, the manufacturer offers a new HomeKit device that can be placed between the consumer and the power source to turn the consumer on and off.

Integrated via Wi-Fi, the Evvr app can also display hourly energy consumption or a real-time measurement. The Plug itself consumes about 0.65W.

At the same time Evvr uses the new relay for another new device. The Evvr Smart Plug consists of an Evvr Relay with a plug and socket already attached.

With a total length of about 59cm, this is a rather unusual adapter. However, if there is only a very limited amount of space available at the Plug itself, the new device could possibly be interesting.

The Evvr Relay and Evvr smart Plug are not yet available, although the new devices are already listed on the manufacturer’s website. In addition, Evvr mentions that Matter and Z-Wave variants will be available in the future.