Filament lamps are nothing new. So far, however, these are mainly offered in white tones. WiZ, a subsidiary of Signify, will soon be launching three new filament lamps that are capable of displaying different colors and detecting motion.

WiZ’s new filament lamps, discovered by our colleagues at Smartlights, come in three different shapes and are comparable to a 40W incandescent bulb, with a power consumption of 6.3W and a brightness of 470 lumens.

WiZ colored filament lamps

The special feature of WiZ filament lamps is their ability to display over 16 million colors in addition to various shades of white. Although this is already possible with other smart lamps, WiZ Filament lamps are the first of their kind to also integrate seamlessly with Apple Home thanks to compatibility with Matter.

The WiZ Filament lamps are connected directly to the home network via Wi-Fi, as is customary with WiZ, and therefore do not require an additional bridge.

Lamps detect movements

A notable feature of WiZ filament lamps is their support for SpaceSense. This system detects the smallest interruptions in the lamp’s Wi-Fi and can thus detect the presence of people. This allows the lamps to be switched on and off automatically without the need for an additional motion detector.

Only time will tell how reliably this works. We’re excited about WiZ’s colored filament lamps and will let you know as soon as there’s more information.