Govee may not be as well known to HomeKit users with its lighting products. So far, the manufacturer supplied the Amazon and Google factions with a variety of devices. But Govee is now consistently changing that with its Matter.

So far, for example, the manufacturer certified a new Matter product, the RGBIC LED Neon Rope Light for desks, which should be available with Matter over-the-air (OTA) firmware update this summer. Now the popular Govee LED Strip Light M1 joins the ranks in a Matter Wi-Fi.

Featuring RGBIC+ technology, a 4-in-1 chip and an industry-leading 60 LEDs per meter, the Govee LED Strip Light M1 Matter (model H61E0) offers the highest luminosity of any 2-meter light strip on the market, according to the manufacturer. This allows for a much greater wall flooding effect.

Matter integration

The previous LED strip Light M1 is a popular light strip in the Govee range, available as 2 meters, or 5 meters, in a classic design. The LED strip can be shortened every 50 centimeters, or extended with an additional strip. The existing M1 Strip will not receive a Matter Firmware.

If you have recently purchased an M1 without Matter, it is worth contacting Govee support. The manufacturer offers a free exchange of the existing controller box, against a controller with Matter compatibility.

Govee basically brings Matter support with new hardware. The M1 Matter is currently only available in a length of 2 meters. This can be extended up to 5 meters via extension.

With the 60 RGBIC+ LED/Meters, multiple colors can be displayed on the strip at the same time. However, this is not in Matter, but only via the Govee Home app.

Adding the Govee M1 via Matter in Apple Home is, as always, quick and easy with an available QR code. On our strip, it didn’t take a minute to set up.

Afterwards, the Govee M1 is available in the Home app with the basic functions. Thus, it can be switched on and off, a uniform color can be set and the brightness can be changed. The Matter can also be activated there to connect the device with another Home Hub, such as Google.

The Govee Home app offers a few more functions to fully utilize the potential of the M1. There you can start predefined scenes and light animations on the strip as well as create your own creations. The controller’s integrated microphone for music synchronization can also be used this way. The multitude of options can be overwhelming at first, but it is fun if you like it colorful and lively. Unfortunately, animated light scenes cannot be integrated into HomeKit, as the competitor Nanoleaf has done well.

DIY alternative Homebridge

If you don’t want to wait for new Matter from Govee, or if you already have devices from the manufacturer in use, the homebridge plugin homebridge-govee is a good choice. The plugin is under continuous development by experienced developer Ben from Hampshire, UK and works great with a wide range of Govee devices.

So we successfully integrated the fancy Govee RGBIC LED Neon Rope and the somewhat extravagant Govee Glide Hexa Pro into HomeKit via Homebridge for control. Even the HomeKit Adaptive Lighting feature is supported via the Homebridge plugin for some light fixtures, which Matter regrettably does not yet include in the current version.

In our community forum there is already an exchange about the Homebridge plugin and the Govee devices that can be controlled by it.

According to our information, more new light sources with Matter support will follow in the course of the year. The new 2 meter Govee M1 Strip Light with Matter is currently available with a 30% discount on the regular price of 79,99 EUR. Simply activate the coupon on the product page. An M1 extension (1 meter) will be available later, for an estimated 17.99 EUR. We will keep you updated.