This week, we take a look at Hama’s compact HomeKit WiFi Plug, show you how to use the SwitchBot Bot as a push button in HomeKit, and compare affordable HomeKit devices from Refoss and Meross. Finally, there are more glimpses of Philips Hue’s new devices, including a security camera, motion sensor and contact sensor. Stay tuned!

Hands-on: Hama HomeKit Plug

There are now 116 HomeKit and Matter Smart Plugs of various brands listed in HomeDevices. Hama has just recently introduced a compact HomeKit WiFi plug.

The Smart Plug integrates easily via Wi-Fi, responds promptly to commands, and can optionally be controlled via the Hama Smarthome app. Timers and shutdowns are adjustable via HomeKit scenes and automations. When buying, make sure you get the HomeKit version and the identical model without the integration into Apple’s Smarthome platform.

Using SwitchBot Bot as a Button in HomeKit

SwitchBot has released an update that integrates 2 more devices into Apple Home via the Hub. Of particular interest is the SwitchBot bot, which controls conventional switches with its little arm.

In HomeKit, it is integrated as a light switch that distinguishes between the two states “On” and “Off”. If, on the other hand, you want the arm to press a soft button, you have to create an automation for it, which we explain in this article.

Refoss vs. Meross: Cheap HomeKit Devices in Comparison

If you’ve ever wondered if there are differences between Meross and Refoss devices, we’re about to clarify.

The short version: You can confidently reach for the devices of both brands that belong to the same parent company. You can find the long version in this post.

Hands-on: New devices from Meross

In line with the comparison between Meross and Refoss, we also took a closer look at the new Meross devices. Among the latest additions is one of the most affordable Matter Smart Plugs.

Also new to the range: a smart socket thermostat and a temperature and humidity sensor with solar cell.

SwitchBot Curtain 3: New Curtain Motor Available

With the new SwitchBot Curtain 3 there is a new curtain motor. The modern design has been retained, but the features have been significantly enhanced: a powerful lithium-ion battery allows up to 8 months of use, complemented by an optional solar panel for continuous power.

With increased weight capacity, quiet modes and easy setup, the manufacturer sets new standards. Use the code “SMARTAPFEL20LOVEBOT” to get 20% off at SwitchBot’s online store. Plus, you’ll have the chance to enter our sweepstakes to win exciting SwitchBot prizes via our SmartApfel app.

More Images of the New Philips Hue Devices Surfaced

After the first images of the Philips Hue surveillance camera expected at IFA surfaced at the FCC this week, The Verge was able to extract further renders from an app update.

More images of the new Philips Hue devices surfaced

The surveillance camera, a new motion detector and a contact sensor can be seen. We expect an official presentation in the coming week.