You may have noticed the affordable HomeKit devices from the Refoss company while browsing Amazon. We have always asked ourselves the question: “But they look like the Meross brand”. In short, yes, there is a connection.

Since we have had Meross as a permanent partner of SmartApfel for several years, we naturally wanted to know what the Refoss brand is all about. By the way, as a SmartApfel user you get a permanent 10% discount on all Meross products in the online store there with our community code “SMARTAPFEL”.

Nevertheless, the devices from Refoss are occasionally available for a bit less via Amazon. But is there a difference in daily use compared to the Meross devices?

Definitely, no. The hardware is almost identical and the firmware on the devices even runs under the name Meross. The devices can also be controlled together via the Meross app and receive firmware updates via it if you already use devices from both brands. However, a separate Refoss app is also available in the App Store.

Refoss and Meross belong to the same group, but are managed by different teams and not by the same company. The focus of product development may also differ in detail, so it can be considered a separate brand connection. There are also sporadically different product lines.

Thus, in addition to the well-known HomeKit compatible devices, Refoss also has the P11 WiFi Smart Plug with pre-installed Tasmota firmware in its range. Tasmota is a free alternative firmware for devices based on the ESP8266 chip. Devices with Tasmota are especially popular with users for DIY projects to integrate into their own smarthome ventures.

Refoss offers a solid selection of popular HomeKit outlet adapters, outdoor outlets, in-wall modules and more.

So you can rest assured, should you discover a favorable and suitable for you offer of Refoss products. Currently there are offers from Refoss with up to 25% discount.