Philips Hue is in the process of adding smarthome cameras to its lineup. Two of the four expected models have now received the green light from the US regulatory authority FCC, the colleagues from HueBlog report. Through this certification, some exciting details about both the design and technical aspects caught our eye.

In the pictures from the registration documents, the cylindrical shape of the black camera stands out in particular. For those who prefer a classic look, however, they will also be available in white. There will also be a model with an integrated battery, which seems to be a bit longer.

Top: Camera without battery – Bottom: Camera with battery

One detail that arouses interest is the built-in magnet in the cameras. This could act as a clever mounting solution on the inside of the case.

Even more impressive are the connectivity features. Philips Hue has equipped the camera with triple connectivity: Wi-Fi for fast video transmission, Bluetooth for initial setup and ZigBee to send presumably motion detections directly to the Hue Bridge. This has the practical benefit that as soon as motion is detected, lights in the smart home system can be turned on automatically.

It is assumed that Philips Hue will shed more light on the start of IFA and officially present the cameras. Then we will also find out whether the cameras can be integrated into Apple HomeKit. In terms of price, the standard version should be €199.95, while the model with the integrated battery will be available for €249.95.