There is no lack of choices for smart plugs for HomeKit. Certainly also because with such a plug, a not-so-smart device can be quickly and conveniently made a bit smarter through HomeKit, Siri, as well as in scenes and automations.

To be precise, our HomeDevices app already lists 116 HomeKit and Matter Smart Plugs from a wide variety of manufacturers. Browse through this and the other categories with a total of almost 1250 devices.

The company Hama also recently launched a HomeKit WiFi plug, which we took a quick hands-on look at for you.

With dimensions of 8.7 × 5.2 × 5.2 cm, the connector is compact and does not have to hide behind competitor products that have been available for a while. Devices with up to 3,680W (16A) can be connected to the Smart Plug as consumers. A pushbutton is provided on the side for manual operation.

The plug is quickly and easily integrated into HomeKit via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and responds immediately to the on and off commands. The Hama Smart Home App is not strictly necessary for HomeKit users of the intermediate plug, but it provides the device with firmware updates when needed, and allows you to activate or deactivate the status LED and child safety feature through it. This Hama Smart Plug does not include an energy consumption meter.

Other functions included in the app, such as timers or switch-off functions, can also be configured via HomeKit scenes and automations. Unfortunately, the Hama Smart Home App requires a mandatory account. At least, the use via the anonymized Apple ID is possible.

The price of the Hama WiFi HomeKit Smart Plug is under 30,- EUR. Please make sure that you really purchase the HomeKit version when you buy. Hama also offers the Plug without HomeKit integration. In addition, the already announced model with Matter will probably be available after the IFA 2023 in Berlin (01.-05.09.), which is supposed to cost only about half. Here you can access the overview in HomeDevices.