The smart home world was filled with innovations and exciting announcements this week. SwitchBot highlights the Matter compatibility of its devices, while AIRVERSA comes up with an innovative humidifier. Aqara presents an expandable Light Strip and Sonoff offers an attractive Matter flush-mounted module. Meanwhile, IKEA unlocks remote access for its users and Philips Hue fascinates with new software effects.

More devices from SwitchBot support Matter

SwitchBot expands its range of Matter-compatible devices with the Hub 2. With the SwitchBot app version 7.4 and the Hub 2 firmware 1.0-0.9, the SwitchBot Bot, Contact Sensor and Motion Sensor can now be used in HomeKit via Matter.

The sensors use energy-saving Bluetooth LE 5.0 and offer various features, such as adjustable ranges and brightness detection. The products can be purchased in the SwitchBot online store. Use the discount code “SMARTAPFEL20LOVEBOT” to save 20%.

New humidifier “Humelle AH1” from AIRVERSA with Thread

AIRVERSA now offers the new humidifier “Humelle AH1” for pre-order. The device is equipped with Thread and an OTA update is planned to support Matter.

The humidifier offers 5.5 liters capacity, 60 hours run time, mood light and serves as an aroma diffuser. Controllable via HomeKit or Sleekpoint app, it’s available in the colors “Transparent”, “Gray” and “Blue”. Pre-orderers receive a 10% discount with the discount code “SAPFEL10”. Delivery is scheduled to begin on August 25.

Multicolored Light Strip from Aqara now available.

Aqara expands its product portfolio with the new Light Strip T1. This 2m long light strip can be extended to 10m and has IP44 outdoor protection rating. The device connects to a hub from Aqara via Zigbee and has an integrated microphone for visualizing music.

Multicolor Light Strip from Aqara launches

Although multiple colors can be displayed at the same time and HomeKit only allows single-color bulbs, scenes with effects and color gradients can be created via the Aqara Home app and are also available via HomeKit. The availability of the Aqara Light Strip T1 is currently difficult. It’s worth checking in with Amazon every now and then.

Inexpensive Matter flush-mounted module from Sonoff launches

After a two-month delay, the flush-mounted Sonoff MINIR4M module with Matter support is now available in the first online store. This module, which is mounted behind light switches, allows intelligent control of the consumer, while the wall switch can still be used.

Sonoff MINIR4M: Small switch with Matter to be launched soon

Priced at under 12€, it significantly outperforms other Matter models in terms of price-performance. It can be configured via the eWeLink app as a “Detach Relay” to disconnect consumers from the light switch. Currently it is only available for order at, with shipping to Germany the price is $19.28.

IKEA introduces remote control of devices via own app

IKEA is adding a new feature called “Control Anywhere” to its Home-smart app with version 1.16.2, which allows users to control their smarthome devices on the go.

Control Anywhere: IKEA introduces remote access

While HomeKit users have always been able to control devices remotely with a Home Hub, it’s a novelty for pure IKEA system users. However, this function is being introduced gradually and is not yet available in many countries, including Germany.

Winner of the SmartApfel giveaway is confirmed

Last week we had a sweepstakes running where our app users had a chance to win a Philips Hue Play Gradient including a bridge with just one click.

On Tuesday, we randomly drew the winner and notified them via push message. On Wednesday, Christian from Korschenbroich already held the package in his hands. We wish you a lot of fun with the prize!

Philips Hue to get three new effects

Let’s stay with Philips Hue for a bit. The manufacturer is preparing three new software effects in addition to the Matter launch. The Prism effect, inspired by Hue Labs’ Color Loop, enables dynamic color gradients with multiple colors simultaneously on Gradient products. This effect is already present on the Hue Bridge, but not yet activated in the Hue app.

Philips Hue Gradient

Third-party developers can already access it, so app updates are expected soon. The exact design of the other effects, Opal and Glisten, remains to be seen, though Glisten will probably glisten.

Tedee extends Smart Relay with “Hold-to-Unlock” function

Tedee has updated its Smart Relay, a module for retrofitting electric doors and gates, adding the “Hold-to-Unlock” feature. This innovation is designed to prevent unintentional gate openings: Users must now press and hold in the Tedee app to unlock remotely.

If you want to equip your normal house or apartment door with a smart door lock, Tedee has been offering the Tedee Go for some time. Unlike the Tedee Pro, the affordable model does not have HomeKit integration. However, a Matter update is planned.