This week brought some interesting developments in the HomeKit world. News included the release of Govee’s Neon Rope Light and IKEA’s revision of its SYMFONISK remote control, while Meross had to recall its Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug MSS315 due to a security risk. A new Matter app, has also been launched, and Tedee has listed a new relay module that allows more doors and gates to be included.

Govee releases Neon Rope Light

Govee has launched the Neon Rope Light flexible light tube, which should be especially interesting for gamers. The tube offers 42 controllable segments, customizable lighting effects and can display multiple colors simultaneously. In addition, it can be cut to size and used in lengths between 214.29 cm and 300 cm.

Matter update in summer: Govee releases Neon Rope Light

From the summer, the device should also be compatible with the Matter smarthome standard and be able to be integrated into Apple Home. The Govee Neon Rope Light is available on Amazon.

Meross recalls Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug MSS315

Manufacturer Meross is recalling the Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug MSS315 (EU version) because it poses a potential safety risk. Customers should check the lot of their intermediate connector as there is a possible risk with lot numbers 51080b2302 and 5108032303.

Product recall: Meross Plug poses safety risk

Affected customers will receive a new device before May 7 or can request a refund by emailing

IKEA offers revised SYMFONISK remote control

IKEA has released a revised version of its SYMFONISK remote control for Sonos speakers. In addition to a play/pause button, volume switch, and skip forward/back buttons, the second-generation remote also features two shortcut buttons that can be configured via the IKEA Home smart app or Apple HomeKit.

Sonos remote control from IKEA can be used via HomeKit

The remote control comes with a wall mount and requires a DIRIGERA hub or TRÅDFRI hub for installation. It is available in the online store of IKEA.

SwitchBot Hub 2 launches on Amazon

The SwitchBot Hub 2 with Matter is also available on Amazon as of this week. With the discount code “15SMARTAPFEL” there is a discount of 15%.

The SwitchBot online store is still offering the community discount of 25% off all products with the code “SMARTAPFEL25LOVEBOT”. We presented the SwitchBot Hub 2 in detail in our review.

Matter certification for new devices

Last week, several devices were again awarded Matter. EcoFlow presented the EcoFlow Smart Plug, which is specifically compatible with the EcoFlow microinverter.

Matter Certifications: EcoFlow, Neo, Siterwell and more

The Neo Smart Plug is the first device certified by Neo, with more to follow. Leedarson offers a Matter certified filament lamp, WiZ an outdoor light strip, and Nordic an IoT prototyping platform for Matter devices.

Apple releases updates for HomePod and Apple TV

This week, Apple released new updates for the HomePod and Apple TV that are supposed to bring performance and stability improvements. Users report an activated automatic update installation with tvOS.

Apple introduces new HomePod

The updates can be downloaded via the settings on the Apple TV or in the Home app for the HomePod. Exact details about the improvements or even new features are not known.

MatterDevices: Distributed Compliance Ledger for your Pocket

Certified Matter devices are stored on the blockchain in the Distributed Compliance Ledger (DCL). Matter apps can use this to check whether a device has actually been certified.

MatterDevices: Distributed Compliance Ledger for the Pocket

If you want to take a look at the DCL, we can recommend MatterDevices. We originally developed this app as a useful tool for ourselves, but we now offer it to all interested users in the App Store. The app displays manufacturers and their corresponding devices.

Tedee lists new relay module

Tedee has listed a new relay module on its website, which the company plans to offer in collaboration with blebox in the future. The box can be connected to a wide range of doors and gates, such as garden doors, garage doors, or locks that were previously unlocked using a keypad, key cards, or a remote control.

Tedee lists new relay module

The relay module then allows the smartphone to take over this task. The Tedee app is already prepared and the new device is listed on the website, but it cannot be ordered there yet.