We were able to tell you about the good prospects at SwitchBot back in January. Now it’s here, the Switch Bot Hub 2. It is Matter compatible and includes a temperature and humidity sensor at the same time. It also serves as a bridge to connect SwitchBot Bluetooth devices to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, making them Matter. This means that current and future SwitchBot devices are now also available directly in Apple Home.

The two smart buttons on the front of the compact hub (80 × 70 × 23 mm) can trigger preset scenes in the SwitchBot app. The buttons can also control other SwitchBot ecosystem products, such as the SwitchBot Bot, or SwitchBot Lock.

However, these buttons are not passed through to HomeKit via Matter. Neither does the infrared transmitter additionally included in the hub, or the ambient brightness sensor. These functions remain reserved for the SwitchBot app. However, equipped with the light sensor, the brightness of the display can be automatically adjusted to the brightness of the environment.

The USB-C cable that powers the SwitchBot Hub 2 also includes a room sensor that measures temperature and humidity to prevent the heat from the Wi-Fi chip from affecting the device. In our experience, this ensures excellent measurement results.

If the SwitchBot Hub 2 is added via Matter Apple Home, these values will also be displayed there and can be used via Siri or in your automations.

At launch, SwitchBot Hub 2 will make the manufacturer’s existing Bluetooth devices compatible with Matter. The SwitchBot Curtain (U-Rail 1 & 2 / I-Rail 1 & 2 / Rod 1&2) and SwitchBot Blind Tilt are the first of these. The manufacturer’s other devices will receive an update gradually over the next few months. If the devices were added to the hub via the SwitchBot app, synchronization with the Home app is automatic. After a few minutes, these are then available to you with the familiar controls in HomeKit.

Some answers about the Hub 2 and Matter before buying, are also available in the company’s support section. By the way, as a SmartApfel reader you also benefit from SwitchBot. If you ever need the help of SwitchBot support, you will get the VIP support. Through our email link, click here, your message will be handled quickly with priority.

You can find our reports on all SwitchBot devices in our blog feed, of course. Should you decide to make a purchase, don’t forget to use our 25% community discount code “SMARTAPFEL25LOVEBOT”.

By the way, the SwitchBot Hub Mini without Matter is still available at a price of 35,- €. This has been proven with the Homebridge plugin to integrate SwitchBot devices into HomeKit the DIY way. We are currently quite optimistic that the plugin will receive an update in the future, so that the Hub 2 can then also be used with it.

The recommended retail price for the SwitchBot Hub 2 with Matter is €79.99. But even on this price you get of course our 25% community discount.


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