In the last seven days, a number of devices have again been given the Matter certification. Matter is an open IoT platform developed by industry leaders to promote interoperability of smarthome devices and provide consumers with a greater level of convenience and reliability. Devices that support Matter integrate with all major smarthome platforms, including Apple HomeKit.

EcoFlow, a company known for its power stations and solar solutions, has developed the EcoFlow Smart Plug. This smart plug is specifically designed to work seamlessly with the EcoFlow micro inverter. A micro inverter converts the solar power generated to conform to the grid and feeds it directly into the household grid.

The Neo company introduced numerous devices with Matter compatibility earlier this year. The Neo Smart Plug is now the company’s first device to actually receive Matter. In the long term, a presence sensor, a water detector, a flush-mounted module and an irrigation control system are to follow.

In addition to the EcoFlow and Neo smart sockets, other devices have also been granted Matter certification in the last seven days. These include a filament lamp from Leedarson, an outdoor light strip from WiZ and an IoT prototyping platform from Nordic that can be used to develop Matter devices.

As usual, the release of firmware updates and the launch of devices depends on the manufacturers. The following is an overview of the devices that were certified last week.

Dimmable Light

Extended Color Light

Humidity Sensor

Occupancy Sensor

On/Off Plug In Unit