Matter announcements do not stop. Shenzhen Neo Electronics has also announced numerous smarthome devices with the new smarthome standard, our friends at HomeKitNews report. This includes some devices with Thread.

Announced sensors include a water detector, a contact sensor, and a presence sensor. The devices use Matter over Thread as the radio link.

Shenzhen Neo Matter Sensors

The presence sensor is also exciting because it detects movement both classically via PIR (passive infrared) and via the new mmWave technology. The latter detects even the smallest movements, such as a heartbeat.

But Neo would also like to take over the irrigation in the future. For this purpose, there is to be both a sprinkler controller with up to 16 watering zones and a sprinkler timer that is simply mounted between the water connection and the garden hose, as known from the Eve Aqua, for example.

Neo relies on Wi-Fi for both the irrigation controllers and the smart relay and smart plugs for the European and American markets.


There is currently no information about the market launch or prices. It also remains to be seen whether the devices will be released under the Neo brand at all or distributed via other companies.