We have already reported about the Tedee Go. With the new device, the manufacturer is expanding its product portfolio to include a cost-effective model that does not require replacement of the locking cylinder. The Tedee Go is now available on Amazon and Cyberport.

The Tedee Pro has been in use for a few years now and has finally replaced the Nuki. The unobtrusive design and the quiet motor convinced us.

With the Tedee Go, there is now a much cheaper model. Here, however, plastic with an aluminum look is used instead of actual aluminum. In addition, no rechargeable battery is installed. The lock is powered by three CR123A batteries.

No new locking cylinder required

While the locking cylinder must be replaced on the Tedee Pro, the existing cylinder can be used with the key inserted on the new Tedee Go. The intelligent door lock is simply mounted over the key and can then turn it.

However, a locking cylinder with emergency and danger feature is recommended so that the lock can still be unlocked manually from the outside with a second key.

Thanks to Matter, the lock should be able to be integrated into HomeKit via Thread. According to the manufacturer, a corresponding firmware will be released in two to three months. Until then, the existing Homebridge plugin can be used without any problems.

The Tedee Go is now available for 199€ at Amazon and Cyberport.


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