The new Sonoff MINIR4M in-wall module with Matter support was actually supposed to launch in May. With a delay of more than two months, the new device is now available for order at the first retailer and thus the price is no longer a secret.

In-wall modules can be installed behind light switches and, depending on specifications, power outlets. These can then be intelligently controlled, while the classic light switch can still be used.

"Sonoff launches MINIR4M, first Matter-enabled device".

Depending on the size of the house or apartment, the number of light switches can quickly add up, making a lower price a significant factor.

We were already surprised by the affordable price of around 15€ for the Zemismart in-wall module with Matter support. But Sonoff apparently pushes the price even further and so the Sonoff Mini costs only $12.90 at the first retailer, which is less than 12€. For comparison: The Eve Light Switch comes with a 55 switch plate and frame, but costs a hefty 99€.

Control switches independently of consumers

The new model, which you can easily distinguish from its predecessor by the green strip instead of the orange one, can be set up in Apple HomeKit thanks to the support of the new smart home standard, Matter.

The module can also be configured as a “Detach Relay” via the eWeLink app. In this case, the connected consumer is decoupled from the light switch. The consumer is then permanently supplied with power and the switch can be used to control other devices independently of the lamp.

Currently, the new Sonoff MINIR4M flush-mounted module can only be ordered via the online retailer When shipping to Germany, the total including shipping costs and taxes comes to $19.28. As soon as the device is directly available in Germany, we will inform you again.