If you are looking for an in-wall module that can also be integrated into HomeKit, Zemismart now has an affordable model in its range. If required, two consumers can be connected to it at the same time.

Zemismart has released a new in-wall module, the new Matter Smart Light Switch. Thanks to the support of the new smarthome standard Matter, the device can also be integrated into HomeKit right away.

The new device fits behind a single or double light switch. The consumers can then be controlled both via the in-wall module and still via the light switch.

Since a maximum of 300W per consumer (i.e. 600W in total) may be connected, the device should not be installed behind a socket. A neutral conductor is required for the connection.

The Zemismart Matter Smart Light Switch is available for $14.90 via the manufacturer’s onlineshop. Use the community discount code “SMARTAPFEL” to save 10%.